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Foodie Round-Up (July 13-17th)

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Ms. Katie’s headin’ home early for the weekend and so it is my pleasure to make a meeger attempt at filling those big ol’ shoes of hers by pullin’ together a Foodie Roundup for all you (y’all, in Katie’s words) voracious eaters out there. You ready for this?

Just when I thought I was getting over the trauma, er…I mean adventure?, of my tactile dining experience Katie tells me the folks over at banished productions announced that due to popular demand (a fact I highly doubt) they will be serving up two extra shows of A Tactile Dinner on Monday, July 20, 2009 at 7pm and 9pm at the Arthur S. Flemming Center (1426 9th St NW) in Shaw. Reference the review I wrote about my experience before deciding whether or not you’d like to attend.

The owners of popular Cork Wine Bar cordially invite you to  join them for an afternoon wine tasting on Sunday, July 19, 2009.  They’re gonna be learning about wines from the Jura Region in France with local distributor pals of at Potomac Selections.  Known as France’s smallest wine region, the Jura offers an amazing diversity of wines and wine styles.  You’ll taste delicious wines and learn about the Jura region, its varietals and winemaking.  The tasting starts at 3:00 p.m., costs $30, and is limited attendance to ensure the comfort of guests (awww, how nice!)

Next up, the folks of Asia Nine are throwing a “Full Moon Party” for a good cause. Here’s the skinny: Continue reading

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Foodie Round-Up (June 15th-19th)

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Good Friday Morning, Washington! How are you out there? Is that, actual, like, sun? WHAT? Here I was thinking we had turned into the Amazon. I had bought a mosquito net and everything. But just in time for a *hopefully* sunny weekend, here’s all the news fit to eat in the District this week. We’ve got the Washingtonian Best Of Washington Party, Galileo III, a Mondavi wine dinner, where to celebrate Bastille Day, and um, Asian picnics on 4th of July (what?). Read on, dear readers. Continue reading

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Foodie Round-Up (June 1st-5th)

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Good morning, Washington! Did you have your free donut yet, today? It’s been a busy foodie news week, and for once I’m actually rested while putting it together. So, all the news that is fit to eat in the district, from the “flagal” to new chefs, and new menus. Let’s do it. Continue reading

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Foodie Round-Up (May 4th – 8th)

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It’s Friday already? Twas a fast week, at least in my world. Again, a shorter-than-ususal roundup, but some worthy bites of info. Twitter, the takeover of the National Gallery’s cafe, and summer beers round out all the news fit to eat in the District this week. Continue reading

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Foodie Round-Up: Mother’s Day Brunch Edition

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I want to be my Mom. No, seriously. I do. You know when you read those things that are all like “Oh no! We are turning into our mothers!” – to that I say, YES! Can I please? This is because my Mother is phenomenal. She’s the wisest person I know, and she always knows just what to say to give me a new perspective on something, or make me feel better, and she and my Dad are the only people I can call about some problem in my life who will care as much as I do about it.  She is basically just is the best person to ever exist, period.

So I can’t put together a foodie round-up for Mother’s day and not get picky. I’ve been told about a lot of brunches, practically every restaurant in the city is doing something for Mother’s day brunch, I’m not joking. I’ve been inundated with menus, options and press releases. So instead of just listing them out for you like I did for Easter, I’m going to get more selective and only tell you about the brunches that I’d take my own rockin’ Mother to. So with that, a very subjective short list of brunches worthy of Katie’s Mother, in no particular order. Continue reading

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Foodie Round-Up (April 27-May 1)

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It’s been a slow food news week, because everyone is gearing up for Mother’s Day brunch (I’m starting to stretch my stomach already) but there are a few things bopping about in the food news world. We’ve got Sunday dinner, Preakness parties, and the emergence of the “middle plate”. So read on, reader, for all the news fit to eat in the District this week. Continue reading