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Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar

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‘Yelp Elite Event at Sonoma, Washington, D.C.’
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So I have this thing for Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar. It is the perfect place to go to on a date, out with friends, or even for alone time at the bar with a glass of wine -though the latter is easier to do when Congress is not in session.

Sonoma always amazes me with the quality of its dishes and their presentation. I went in a few weeks ago and almost didn’t want to touch the local beef dish in front of me — the picture of the shortribs after the jump just does not do it justice. I had to ask Executive Chef Michael Bonk for the recipe. So here’s how you can make Local beef short ribs with kale, sweet corn and italian pepper relish. Enjoy – it is not for beginners!
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Food Tweet of the Week: Sonoma

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‘Yelp Elite Event at Sonoma, Washington, D.C.’
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If you’re a Capitol Hill staffer, chances are Sonoma is probably one of your go-to places (this does not apply to unpaid interns!).

The Pennsylvania Ave. restaurant & wine bar boasts, “We use the Mid-Atlantic’s best naturally-raised and local ingredients to make great Italian food & pair the creations with the best American and Italian wines.” As big fan of their pastas (double portion, please), I can tell you that everything tastes fresh and delightful.

Not only does the restaurant have a blog, it’s also starting to tweet like crazy. So far, it has a small 240 followers and actually follows more than 400, but I expect that to change soon. The account just has so much personality, and who on Capitol Hill doesn’t love that?

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Taste of the Hill is Coming

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Get your tickets while you can — Brent Elementary’s Taste of the Hill: Beyond the Classroom 2011 Gala is almost here. For $75 you’ll be able to partake in a night of music, dancing, food and beverages, and support Brent Elementary students.

Guests will enjoy food from restaurants in the Capitol Hill area and a tad beyond. My fave places participating include Ba Bay, Belga Cafe, Poste, Sonoma & Matchbox. Wine pairings will be provided by Charlie Palmer Steak sommelier Nadine Brown.

I’ll probably buy the Ticket & Raffle package. Raffle prizes this year include: an iPad, a $200 ThinkFood Group Gift Certificate (hello Oyamel & Zaytinya!), and Redskins tickets.

Taste of the Hill takes place April 2 from 6-10 pm at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

All proceeds go to support the PTA programs at Brent, including physical education, Chinese, scholarships for before and aftercare, field trips, and more.

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Taste “Green” Wine

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Hmm, wine. You’ve got your reds, you’ve got your whites, you’ve got your greens. Well, what else would you call organic wine? And why would you want it, anyway?

On Friday night, you can learn all about organic wine — how it’s made and how it tastes — at Sonoma, through the DC Green Connection.

Since grapes are one of the top foods to buy organic if you want to avoid eating pesticides, organic wine makes sense. Sonoma’s sommelier has picked out several kinds for DC’s greenies to taste while chatting about ways to save the planet.

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Eat Like Me: June’s Best Dishes

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People ask me all the time if they can have my job. NO! Mine. Well, you can have my day job, but you’d have to fight me to the death for my foodie blogging job. And it would be your death, not mine. Along the way, through press dinners, media previews, nights out with friends, and places I’m reviewing for our We Love Food feature, I run into some damn good dishes (for up-to-the minute reviews, follow me on Twitter). Forkful after forkful, I wind up eating some dishes that make me think back with ultimate fondness, and leave me longing for them. Last month I told you all about with them in a little piece I called Eat Like Me. It was so popular with you guys, and I enjoyed writing it so much, that I decided I’ll do it every month. Sort of like a what’s worth it of my food intake – a satoralist of food, if you will.

So. June. It was rainy, right? Ugh. But it was also chock full of food for me, my calendar was overwhelming. June is a busy month in the foodie world. New warm weather menus come hot off the presses, restaurants open their doors to hungry summer crowds, and my friends want to eat out more. It’s pretty glorious. So, click on through to see what made the cut.  Continue reading

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Foodie Round-Up (April 13-17)

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‘The Pour’
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It’s a drink-focused round-up this week, but I think that’s because spring is in the air and all of us are practically clawing at our office doors to escape to grab a beer on the patio with friends. That said – Earth Day, jazz brunches, cocktails from the city’s best mixologists and a new team at Sonoma make up all the news that is fit to eat in the District this week. Continue reading