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Baseball Prospectus Bullish on the Nats

Christina Kahrl, Baseball Prospectus
Originally uploaded by The SABR Office

It’s almost February. Almost. Which means that baseball is just on the cusp. Rachel told you all about Nats Fest this weekend, and now there’s a prediction of an over .500 year for the Nats, based on a strong defense and low runs allowed. They’re also banking on the team scoring about 60 more runs in 2010 than in 2009, and allow about 130 less than they did.

It’s hard to say if they’re overeager about the Nats, even while the team is firming up its final spring training roster, but there’s certainly significant cause for Nats fans to be brightening up coming into the 2010 season.

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“Adams Morgan: The Movie” Viewing Party THIS Sunday

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‘Life is full of decisions.’
courtesy of ‘maxedaperture’

DC — this is your chance to see Adams Morgan: The Movie before anyone else! Writer/Producer Paul DeVeuax and the rest of his cast and crew are turning out for the movie’s very first screening at Bottom Line Saloon (located at 1716 I Street NW) this Sunday.

A $10 cover gets you in the door to see the movie, meet the folks involved with the film, free draft beer, drink specials and cheap eats.The party starts 1:30 and is open to the general public.

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National Geographic Live: February 2010

Photo courtesy National Geographic Society

Chimps of Goualougo; Photo courtesy National Geographic Society

The spring season of National Geographic Live – a series of dynamic lectures, concerts, films and more – kicks off next week.

This year, the National Geographic Society has graciously offered some event tickets to our readers. If you’re interested in winning a pair of tickets to any of the events below, simply remark in comments which two events – in preferred order – you’d like to attend. We’ll do a random drawing on Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 2nd) after 1pm and we’ll get the winners set up with their first (or second, if your first choice is full) selection. Keep in mind that tickets are for single events only, not multi-part series or showings, unless otherwise indicated. (The kung-fu film festival is an exception; you can win tickets for all three movies!)

Okay, enough about rules. Check out the February offerings after the jump. Continue reading

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Friday Happy Hour: Founders’ Dirty Bastard

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courtesy of ‘tinney’

Welcome to the Friday Happy Hour, your single drink primer for the weekend.

On icy weekends, such as the one we’re facing, you can’t stand for a cool, fruity, refreshing drink.  It just doesn’t fit.  Instead, you need something warm and robust that will ward off the cold; something that you can sip so that the warmth lingers for as long as possible.  There are a few beverages that accomplish this, but I’m going to recommend Founders’ Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale.  This stuff is powerful, with an 8.5%ABV and a thick texture.  The flavor is complex and malty, with a sweet, smoky overtone.  It’s a perfect example of a scotch ale, just one step lighter than a stout, both in color and character. Beware, though, this Michigan brewed beauty is not for the faint of heart, and definitely not a beginners beer.  Rustico in Alexandria should have it on tap, or you can find bottles in most specialty wine shops.

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Landlords have dibs on meteorites

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‘Ocean Meteor’
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Consider yourself warned: just because a meteor screams through your office and narrowly misses giving you a new brain piercing doesn’t mean you’ll get to keep it.

That’s the assertion of the property owners who lease an office to the two doctors who almost got beaned in Lorton not long ago. The doctors had planned to donate the meteorite to the Smithsonian in exchange for a courtesy honorarium. In fact, the Smithsonian already has it in their hot little mitts.

Deniz and Erol Mutlu, however, have other plans. They say that established case law makes them the owners of the meteorite.

The lawyers have now gotten involved, so you can be sure everything will all work out cleanly and cheaply now.

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Meet Noah Baron From “Adams Morgan: The Movie”

Photo Courtesy of Noah Baron

Now that DC’s got her own movie BY her people ABOUT her people FOR her people, it only makes sense to get to know one of the people who made this film possible. John Sales (played by Noah Baron) has high expectations for life but a low self-esteem, making him a glass  half empty kind of guy. But who’s the man behind the John Sales? There’s more to the character than Paul DeVeaux’s script.

Noah Baron took a few moments to chat and tell us a little about himself, his experiences on-set with the cast and crew of Adams Morgan: The Movie and about his character John Scales. Here are the highlights of that conversation:

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where are you from? How long have you been acting? What made you start?

Well, I was born in raised in Cambridge, MA (a die-hard Red Sox fan). I’ve been acting for about 15 years now. One of my friends was in the Boston Children’s Opera in Belmont, MA. I had always wanted to perform, so my mother signed me up on the waiting list (there were no auditions). I still remember the exact second I was cast in my first role. I was 9 years old and sitting at my mothers computer in her room. The phone rang. My mother came upstairs to tell me that a role at Boston Children’s Opera had opened up and that I was going to be playing Professor Van Helsing in Dracula. One of the happiest days of my life. I continued working with Boston Children’s Opera for about four years and took part in thirteen shows. I was hooked. However, I had no idea that I would turn this into a profession. I ended up graduating from American University with a dual BA in Theater and Broadcast Journalism. I have just moved out to Los Angeles to further my career. So far, I’m loving every second of it.

How did you get involved with “Adams Morgan: The Movie”?

I really lucked out. Paul gave me a call after seeing me at a mass audition in Baltimore, MD. He told me that he enjoyed my work and was interested in having me come in to read for a role in “Adams Morgan: The Movie.” I went in to read for the character of John Sales. He shot me an email about a week later offering me the role. I called him from Spain (I was traveling with my family at the time) and accepted.

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NatsFest Tickets Still Available For Sunday

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‘out to the ball game’
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Nats fans and baseball enthusiasts alike would be silly to miss the 2nd annual NatsFest this Sunday. What could be better than filling into the park during the off-season? Sure … the there’s no fresh-cut grass to smell or draft beers to drink but members of the Nats management team and 40-man roster will be there to answer your questions, sign autographs, take pictures, and schmooze about America’s past-time.

Hell, you can even try your luck at slugging a homer in the fan batting cage! I can’t think of any better way to get out your post-season aggression against a team that hasn’t really had too much to brag about since their inaugural season in 2005.

Get your RED ON DC!!!! It’ll feel good!

$10 adult/$5 kid tickets are still available. Snatch ‘em up before they’re gone!

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Midnight Madness At E St. Cinema – Back To The Future

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”E’ is for “election”‘
courtesy of ‘philliefan99′

If you haven’t heard of Midnight Madness at E St. Cinema by now, I can’t even be mad … I just feel bad that you’ve been missing out on a totally awesome experience for far too long. That is why I feel it is my duty to fill you in the details.

E St. Cinema hosts weekly Friday/Saturday night midnight showings of the oldie-but-goodie films that we’ve learned to love throughout the years. Tonight’s movie is a personal favorite of mine — Back to the Future. The show starts at the stroke of midnight (if you’ve got a Cinderella complex, I suggest another movie-going option). If you miss tonight’s show, there’s always tomorrow, but keep in mind this is a golden opportunity to see Michael J. Fox rip it up to Johnny B Good on the big screen so I suggest not squandering the chance.

For a full list of upcoming Midnight Madness movies at E St. Cinema, visit their website.

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VA gets $75M, MD $70M for Railway Improvements

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‘Tomix EF66 41 Hauling Hayabusa’
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Both Virginia and Maryland will received funds from the federal government’s American Reinvestment and Recovery Act to improve local railway infrastructure and services.

Virginia’s $75 million dollars in funding will build an additional 11 mile track to the current railway service between Woodbridge and Quantico.  The new track will allow freight and passenger trains to simultaneously navigate this bottle-necked section and will allow trains to reach speeds up to 100mph. Improving this stretch is only part of a proposed $1.8 billion dollar project to create a Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor.

According to WTOP, the $70million awarded to Maryland will rebuild a highly-traversed Baltimore tunnel and will speed both commuter and freight  traffic.

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Not Another Snowpocalypse

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‘familiar places’
courtesy of ‘Pappa91′

That’s the word from the weather folks, is that this southern snowstorm is going to peter out somewhere between Richmond and DC, leaving Richmond up to their ears, and DC with a dusting. The area between Richmond and the North Carolina border may get 8+ inches, according to the Capital Weather Gang, but we’ll largely just dusted with snow.

Whew. I didn’t like the idea of having to shovel out this weekend.

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Where We Live: Chevy Chase

Photo courtesy of

‘Chevy Chase Trolley Turnaround’
courtesy of ‘Mr. T in DC’

Welcome to another installment of Where We Live.  As we’re wrapping up the District’s neighborhoods (if there’s one I haven’t yet covered that you’d like to see, speak now!) before moving onto Maryland and Virginia, this week’s feature tackles a town that sits in both the District and Maryland: Chevy Chase. This neighborhood has a charming residential character, and beautiful tree-lined streets, and it’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

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If You Biked To Work, You’d Be Home By Now

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We all love to complain about our commutes– by Metro, by car, and by bus– and we all think that we have it worse than most people.   Well, the folks at Bike Arlington think that biking is usually the most efficient way to get around in the city, and they’re willing to put it to the test.

If you start or end your commute in Arlington, tell Bike Arlington about it– where you commute, what mode of transportation you use, and how long it typically takes– and they’ll tell you if it’d be faster to bike to work.  They’ll ride your route on bike, time it, and tell you if it beats your current commute.  How great is that?

I’ve always wondered if biking would be faster than a typical Metro commute, and this is the perfect opportunity to try it out without having to figure out a route for yourself.  Stay tuned for updates on Bike Arlington’s twitter page, and keep an eye out as a WeLoveDC author puts her hellish commute to the test!

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Dance Like Mike For Charity

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’15th Anniversary media photos’
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Got the urge to bust a move this weekend? Project Create is throwing the “Rock With You” Dance Party at Darlington House Saturday featuring a night full of legendary tunes by Michael Jackson.

Proceeds go toward at-risk children in the DC area.

So lace up those dancin’ shoes, grab yourselves a sequined glove,  maybe some white patent leather shoes, and get ready to rock it like the smooth criminal you know you are.

Party starts at 7 p.m. and features drink deals all night after the $5 cover.

Tickets are still available.

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Celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday at Ford’s Theatre

Robert Parsons as Abraham Lincoln, Rick Foucheux as Stephen Douglas and Sarah Zimmerman as Adele Douglas in the Ford’s Theatre Society production of Norman Corwin’s The Rivalry, directed by Mark Ramont. Photo by T. Charles Erickson.

Robert Parsons as Abraham Lincoln, Rick Foucheux as Stephen Douglas and Sarah Zimmerman as Adele Douglas in the Ford’s Theatre Society production of Norman Corwin’s The Rivalry, directed by Mark Ramont. Photo by T. Charles Erickson.

Ford’s Theatre Society and the National Park Service celebrates Abraham Lincoln’s birthday with special February programming. On February 5th, 12th, and 19th, Washington-area youth will present a selection of Lincoln’s greatest speeches as part of the Target Oratory Festival. On February 12th at 8:45 a.m., National Park Service Park Rangers will commemorate President Lincoln’s birthday with a Wreath-laying Ceremony on the historic steps of Ford’s Theatre. On February 13th, 15th, and 20th, visitors are invited to explore the many legends surrounding Abraham Lincoln’s life in Tales of the Lincoln with storyteller Jon Spelman.

Visitors can tour the recently renovated Ford’s Theatre Museum and experience an interpretive program about the events that led up to and include the assassination of President Lincoln. Visitors can also visit the Petersen House (the “House Where Lincoln Died”), dependent upon schedule. Through February 14th, check out a performance of “The Rivalry,” which explores the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates. And to further enhance the visitor experience, park rangers and volunteers will be dressed in Civil War-era period clothing throughout the month of February.

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Comedy in a Carpet Store to Benefit Haiti

Photo courtesy of
‘Aside’ photo used by permission
courtesy of ‘Aaron Webb’

Here’s a weird little comedy event that didn’t arrive in my inbox in time for this week’s Comedy in DC column. On Saturday the 30th at 8PM, Mike Blejer, Hampton Yount, Tim Miller, and Matt Hemmerlein will perform a benefit show where the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Haiti Relief fund.

The venue is only listed on the Facebook event as 2413 Mount Vernon Avenue, Del Ray. I haven’t heard back from the organizers yet for confirmation, but I Googled that address and came up with a commercial real estate flyer for a vacant property that used to be a carpet store. So… the good news is, it’s not some noisy bar where the TVs will be on in the background. But you’ll have to BYOB (which is not necessarily a negative, in my opinion).

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Metro Board Votes to Raise Fares $0.10

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The Metro Board voted early this afternoon to use fare hikes, and not rail service cuts, to cover a $40M budget gap for the rest of FY 2010, which ends in June. The fare increase will go into effect on 1 March 2010, raising the minimum fare on Metro to $1.75 during rush, and $1.45 during offpeak. The move is just one of a group of measures that will cover the budget gap, and was said by GM John Catoe to potentially raise $9-11M in extra fares.

Also included the measures adopted by the Metro Board were staff cutbacks at the transit agency (mostly open positions) and other measures, but significantly absent from them was a transfer from the capital budget to operating funds, which could have jeopardized future purchasing for Metro.

In addition to the fare hike, the council also elected Peter Benjamin from Maryland to the chairman’s position, replacing Ward One councilman Jim Graham who is cycling off the chairmanship.

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends, January 30-31

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‘Eastern Market’
courtesy of ‘ep_jhu’

Kirkles: I’mma be taking some friends that recently moved to the area around to a few of my favorite haunts on U St., which means the Saloon, Gibson, and Ben’s Chili Bowl.  I might try to convince them that we need to go to Wisdom, as I’ve never been and have been meaning to get over there for some time.  On Saturday, provided we’re not snowed in, I’m going to Mr. P’s Ribs and Fish in Brentwood, for some good, southern BBQ out of the back of an old school bus.  Supposedly, the ribs are to die for.  Sunday will be my recovery day, but I plan on going to the Eden Center for some sweet, sweet Vietnamese food.

Rachel: Friday night is going to be AWESOME! Why? Back to the Future is playing at E Street Cinema as part of their Midnight Madness series (which, in case you couldn’t figure out, means that they’re rolling the movie at the stroke of midnight). Saturday I’m making my first trip to Cedar to meet up with some of the folks from Leopold Brothers distillery to sample a whiskey I hadn’t heard of until this week – New York APPLE Whiskey — and then wrapping out the night rehearsing for my upcoming gig at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room. Sunday I’ll be spending some quality time with Madeleine Albright at the Newseum hearing all about her new book “Read My Pins: Stories from a Diplomat’s Jewel Box.” Then MAYBE I’ll grab a few winks and Z’s … but that’s a giant maybe. Continue reading

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Leonsis Offer for Wizards May Be In Trouble

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‘DC Chamber of Commerce Gala oct 17 2009′
courtesy of ‘ShashiBellamkonda’

…but it’s not a fault of the offer or the team, it seems. The threat to the peaceful transfer of the Wizards is coming from Washington Sports & Entertainment, who insist they should have the right to accept outside public offers for the Wizards as part of the sale. Negotiations have been (publicly) civil between Leonsis and the Pollin family, who’ve both retained investment banks to assist in the valuation of the Wizards franchise (right now? I’d give ‘em a nickel.) and the Verizon Center.

What had previously been released was that Leonsis, and his company Lincoln Holdings, had an exclusive period in which to make an offer for the team and the Verizon Center, after which things could be opened to the public. The President of WS&E, though, believes that not to be the case, and he’s gone public with a memo sent to the Pollin estate and Leonsis.

What had been a peaceful process just got a whole lot of potential to get ugly. Thanks, jackass.

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Meat Week in DC

Photo courtesy of
‘Meat Case’
courtesy of ‘easement’

Um, no. That is not a thinly veiled reference to… whatever you were thinking it was a thinly veiled reference to. (PSH, you thought I was going to fill in that blank? No way. I am an adult. And mature. And stuff. At least that’s what I tell my Mom.) Anyways, Meat Week. I found out about this via Twitter (which is where ALL the good information is these days) – so hat tip to Capital Spice for being awesome with all the details.

So what is meat week? A celebration of DC carnivores, basically, where you just eat a ton of meat and feel fat, happy and protein’d. Restaurants like Red Hot ‘n Blue, Rocklands and Pork Barrel BBQ are site to meat-lovers dinners, and you better be there. The dudes from Pork Barrel BBQ are putting together a buffet (of meat!) on Wednesday, February 3rd, from 5-9 p.m. at Mango Mike’s in Alexandria. (Mango Mikes is the brother restaurant of Pork Barrel’s upcoming joint, don’t be thrown off by the tropical name.) The southern-style menu sounds redonkulous, with ribs and cornbread and other delectables.

For a full schedule of events, check out Capital Spice’s round-up and the full schedule is available at the Meat Week web site (no, for real, there is an official site for this). There are no fussy prix-fixe menus at any of the places hosting meat week, so order however much you want and dig in. So, forks up. Let’s go.

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DC Loves Labs … And Yorkies Too!

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courtesy of ‘jarapet’

American Kennel Club announced their 2009 list of the country’s most popular dogs. Lucky for us, they broke down their lists for each particular state (or in our case, the District).

DC’s most popular breeds include:

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. Yorkshire Terrier
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Poodle
  5. Bulldog/Dachshund/Shih Tzu (These dogs tied for fifth.)

What do you think? Does this list hold true? Is your dog not represented in this top 5? Shout it out in the comments and give your pup credit where credit is due (aka mad love for being super cute)!