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Playgirl To Visit Georgetown University, Seeking Hunks for Campus Edition

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Playgirl Magazine is headed to the District. Really. I kid you not.

Why? To scour Georgetown University for its “Campus Hunks” issue.

According to Playgirl spokesman Daniel Nardicio, the Playgirl staff will be perusing the campus this weekend to find a few strapping gentlemen who don’t mind stripping down  for all of the Playgirl readers to see.

“We’re more than ready to take our super sexy Playgirl van (aka “Shaggin’ Wagon”) around to campuses looking for the next centerfold.” Nardicio wrote in a press release to D.C. media.

The “Campus Hunks” issue will be published right after the start of the fall semester.

For more, check out Vox Populi’s entry.

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National Geographic Live: May 2010

Adventures Among Ants, by Mark Moffett

©Mark Moffett, courtesy National Geographic

The 2010 National Geographic Live series continues in May with a mix of lectures, authors, and food. The National Geographic Museum is offering up another two pairs of tickets for WeLoveDC readers, unless otherwise noted. Simply comment below (PLEASE use a legit email address and your first name) with what two events – in preferred order – you’d like to attend. We’ll do a random drawing on Monday, May 3 at 2 pm and get the winners set up with their first (or second, if your first choice is full) selection. Keep in mind that tickets are for single events only; both food events are unfortunately not eligible for the free tickets.

In the Empire of Ice ($18)
May 4, 7:30 pm

For a National Geographic-supported expedition, writer Gretel Ehrlich circumnavigated the Arctic Circle to document the indigenous cultures inhabiting its starkly beautiful landscapes, as advancing climate change threatens traditional ways of life. In her new book, Empire of Ice: Encounters in a Changing Landscape, and in this presentation, she tells the story of her journey to explore the “ecology of culture.”

Continue reading

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U.S. Census Workers To Hit The Streets Starting In May

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If you haven’t yet filled out your 2010 Census form, starting in May chances are you’ll be getting a friendly knock on the door from your local census worker. The U.S. Census staffer will be asking you the same questions that are on the census mail form with the hopes of upping the 69% DC’s current response rate.

The big question is, how do you know who is a legit census worker and who might be scamming you. Well, fortunately the good census folks have put together some fantastic informational videos, including what to expect/look for from a real census employee.

YouTube Preview Image
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PETA Says WHCD Can’t Be Green If It Serves Meat

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PETA will not be attending this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner stag, as it sounds like the date they lined up will be a big heifer. No, stop groaning. The group is bringing a “cow” to the Washington Hilton on Saturday evening to stand outside the event with a sign that says, “Don’t Eat MEat [sic].”

The animal rights group is decently upset that, even though the organization has said that this year’s event will be the most eco-friendly rendition in the dinner’s history, meat will still be served as an option. Citing “environmental degradation” of the meat process, PETA’s statement noted that there are many negative impacts that occur on the way from farm to plate. They even asked the association to go completely Vegan with their menu.

It may be something to stew on, but wouldn’t count on anything changing come dinner time tomorrow.

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Kuwaiti Pups Up For Adoption

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If you consider yourself a dog lover, then how could you possibly say no to an adorable face that needs a home?

The Washington Animal Rescue League participated in an international rescue this week, transporting the furry survivors of a deadly fire at an animal shelter in Kuwait that happened last month. The country’s only animal shelter is now no longer in existence, 40 animals perished, but 60 survived. 20 of those survivors our now in our fair District and need a home – that’s where you, the dog lover, come into play.

Most of the dogs are mixed-breeds and are all drop-dead cuties (see photos here).

Interested in adding one of these pups to your family? WARL says that some may become available for adoption as early as this weekend.

For more information, you can visit the WARL website, stop by their location at 71 Oglethorpe Street, NW, or drop them a line via the telephone at (202) 726-2556.

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Eat Like Me: April’s Best Dishes

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‘veggie roll’
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I usually use this intro text in Eat Like Me to pontificate ($10 word! I win!) on what part of dining out in DC I’ve been thinking most about recently. This month I’ve been thinking more about styles of restaurants.

I would be the wrong person to be food editor if I didn’t say that I love every kind of restaurant, and have an affection for most styles of restaurants. I can get behind a chinatown hole in the wall, and love a simple stainless steel tea kettle just as much as I can get behind a Georgetown patio with fire pits and fancy cocktails. I’ve been mostly thinking about what draws me in and makes me love a place more than another.

I think it’s in the details. (For me, most things are in the details.) I think about the places that I love eternally – Againn, Et Voila!, Westend Bistro, and have been trying to figure out what strings them together, aside from the obvious good food. At Againn, aside from the seasonal, thoughtful food, I love the details of the restaurant – the tiles that line the walls are the same tiles used in the London Underground. The fox and hound door knockers on the bathroom are something I make sure to point out to anyone who goes to Againn with me. And the details bring me back to Et Voila!, too. They serve coffee with steamed milk, and wrap fries in newsprint. The skylight adds sunlight and charm. Westend Bistro’s pass lets me take a look into the belly of the operation, and makes me appreciate the work that goes into the food. I’m starting to believe it’s the little things that bring me back to a place time and time again. It’s the little things that make me answer my most hated question of “What is your favorite restaurant” with a different answer each time.

This month the details were where it’s at. Birch and Barley’s pastries, an addition of wasabi to mashed potatoes at Zentan, and the perfect whipped frosting on a Georgetown Cupcake. Lovely, subtle details are available at every type of restaurant, but here are the best of the best of April. Continue reading

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Big Trouble for Schools Contract

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‘Harrington Signing Contract’
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There are some days that it has to suck to be Michelle Rhee. You’re busting your ass to line up methods to pay for the raises that you want to give to the good men and women working in the classroom in DC School, including doing some outside-the-box thinking to add non-profit stakeholders to the mix and then the DC CFO, who should be providing feedback all throughout the process, comes in and shits all over your parade, saying that the contract can’t stand.

That’s got to be a frustration that can barely be understood. Why wasn’t the CFO, or the CFO’s office inside the School District, cognizant of the problems that this new contract, and the methods for funding it, speaking up before the contract agreement was handled? Is this a place where Michelle Rhee got a little mavericky and didn’t do the due diligence? I don’t think that’s outside my impressions of her leadership style; this is the same chancellor who has said some pretty brash things in her tenure. Or is this a problem inside the DCPS-CFO relationship? The fight over whether or not there’s a surplus or deficit seems like something that would indicate that DCPS’ books don’t match up with the CFO’s books.

Regardless, this means that the contract cannot go in for approval to rank and file teachers, which is another setback for WTU’s George Parker’s tenure as president of the union, and as he faces an election before the end of next month, it’s going to be a priority for him to get the contract done before he can face his membership.

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Bus Collision Near Tidal Basin

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We’re hearing reports about a collision between two buses near the Tidal Basin on Ohio Drive. According to reports, bus passengers were able to exit the vehicles, but the two drivers were injured. DCFD and EMTs are on the scene, and area traffic delays should be expected.  More updates to come as information is available.

Update 4pm: According to NBC, there were no passengers on the buses at the time of the crash. Apparently, one of the bus was parked on the side of the road when the other crashed head first into it. One driver was able to be taken out of his vehicle, while the other required extrication by DCFD and Emergency services.  The drivers conditions were listed as serious and life-threatening.  Ohio Drive is closed in both directions.

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Mount Pleasant Music Festival Kicks-Off Farmer’s Market Season

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We’re supposed to have pretty stellar weather, complete with cloudless skies this weekend. With that said, I urge you all to spend the vast majority of your time outdoors.

Not sure what to do? Well here’s an option: The Mount Pleasant Music Festival is this Saturday. The event is FREE. Starts at 2 pm goes until 7 and should prove to be quite the outdoor event considering it’s the kick-off date of the Mount Pleasant Farmer’s Market season!

Interested in picking up some fresh produce and basking in the sunshine as you take in some of DC’s finest local music? Head to the corner of Lamont and 17th sts., NW.

Live acts include: Deleted Scenes, Frau Eva, the Four Horsemen, and more.

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Brooks Laich Is More Awesome Than You

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Imagine for a second that you’ve just been dealt the biggest setback in your career. Imagine you’ve lost out on that promotion, or had a project fail. You get frustrated. Your vision begins to tunnel as you look for ways to make the bad thing better. And you drive home. And it sucks.

Now, if you’re Capitals Center Brooks Laich, you stop on the Roosevelt Bridge to help a stranded pair of Caps fans change a flat tire in your post-game press conference suit and multi-thousand dollar watch. He then apologized to the two no longe stranded fans for losing the game, for not making it past the first round of the playoffs, and hugged them both.

I don’t usually get my heart warmed like this for sports stories, but readers? This warmed my heart a few degrees. This is the sort of thing that cities don’t forget. Thank you, Brooks, and we’re sorry it didn’t work out against the Habs, too. Next year.

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An Open Letter to the Washington Capitals


Dear Ted, George, Bruce, and Alex:

I know right now you’re dealing with a lot of crap from pretty much every corner because of Wednesday’s loss. So I just wanted to toss in two words you may not have heard much over the last 48 hours:

Thank you.

Those two words are pretty well drowned out right now, given that in true DC fashion, everyone’s getting busy on offering their opinions on what went wrong and what you guys need to do to fix things. And don’t misunderstand me – I have my opinions on the matter as well, but now’s not really the time to list them. I really just wanted to take a moment during all of the hubbub and let you know how I feel as things settle down. They’re simple words, but they need said.

THANK. YOU. Continue reading

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UMC Can’t Pay Bills, But Can Compensate Execs over $1M Each

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The news from the Post’s Tim Craig are grim: United Medical Center in Southeast DC can’t pay their bills, owing over $1M to Pepco and close to $4M to the IRS, plus millions in payroll taxes to VA and MD. The worst of it is that there are several upper echelon people at UMC fiddling while Rome burns, and getting paid $1M each, according to Attorney General Peter Nickles.

Back in March, the Hospital needed an emergency grant of $120,000 for supplies, and later this Spring, they cancelled the employee life insurance plan when they couldn’t make the premiums. The city took full control of the partnership in April, after it became clear that the folks at Specialty Hospital weren’t up to the task.

Look for the accusations and recriminations to fly back and forth over the next two months as the city foots the bill (well, more than the $100M renovation and debt payoff they’ve already done) as this one gets uglier.

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Massage Parlor Leads To Huge Bust

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After a six-month investigation, local sheriffs have made nine arrests and charged the owner of Green Therapy, a Loudon county massage parlour, with operating a “bawdy place” and allowing massages to be performed without a permit.

Two Green Therapy employees were charged with giving massages without a permit and, more seriously, a third employee was charged with willfully touching or fondling a sexual part of a person. Law enforcement additionally charged 5 male customers for frequenting a bawdy place.

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We Love Drinks: Owen Thomson

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We Love Drinks continues our series where we look behind the bar, profiling the many people – from mixologists to bartenders, sommeliers to publicans – who make your drinks experience happen.

Owen Thomson has an interesting tattoo on his arm. His sister points it out to me as we sit at Cafe Atlantico’s bar, while he rustles up a selection of cocktails both old and new. “Abandon Hope All Who Enter Here” scrolls across his forearm, the inscription above the gates of Hell in Dante’s Inferno. Not an atypical tattoo choice perhaps but as the story behind it unfolds, it seems there’s nothing typical about the man now helming the bar at Jose Andres’ “nuevo latino” restaurant.

A native Washingtonian, creator of the cocktail program at Bourbon in Adams Morgan, president of the DC Craft Bartenders Guild, with studies in archaeology and the law under his belt – all this might make you expect that Owen would have a bit of an extreme Type-A vibe about him. But instead he’s completely down-to-earth, with a dry wit and a passion for educating both consumers and restaurants about the glories of fresh ingredients. Fellow WLDC author Samer and I sat down with him one Saturday afternoon to find out more about Owen’s plans for his new role behind the bar at Cafe Atlantico, and what happens when you mix the molecular gastronomy of Minibar with a rare 1950′s cocktail book…

“I want to turn this into a smoke and a fog and they said ‘oh yeah we can do that.’ Cool!”

Cool indeed.
Continue reading

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Metro Looking to Dig More Into Riders’ Pockets

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Wondering what’s next up the track for WMATA riders?

More fare hikes, for one.

WTOP’s Adam Tuss gives a solid rundown of today’s WMATA Board of Directors/Finance, Oversight and Administration Commitee meeting to suggest budget guidance; topping the list is the apparent “resignation” that riders will once again need to pony up to help Metro close its yawning $189 million budget gap for FY2011.

Fares are likely to go up across the board. Peak rail rates will go from $1.65 to $1.90, off-peak from $1.35 to $1.55, and bus rates up $.25. Also discussed was a “peak of the peak” surcharge, placed on riders who travel between 7:30 – 9:30 am and 4:30 – 6:00 pm on weekdays. The surcharge could be an additional 10- to 20-cent fare hike or a 50-cent charge to those who use the busiest stations – Union Station, Metro Center, Dupont Circle, Farragut North, Farragut West, L’Enfant Plaza, Gallery Place-Chinatown, and Pentagon City.

Metro’s trying to decide quickly what to do, as it takes approximately 60 days to program and implement fare changes.

Makes me glad I broke up with Metro when I did…

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Ovechkin Named Hart Finalist

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Some upbeat news for Caps fans today from the NHL offices: team captain Alex Ovechkin has been named as one of the finalists for the Hart Trophy. The Hart is given to the league’s MVP, as voted by members of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association. The award is given to the player who was determined as the most valuable to his team during the regular season.

Good thing the voting was already completed for this one before the playoffs began.

The other two finalists this year are Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Henrik Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks.

Ovechkin has won the award the last two years; if he wins his third in a row, he’ll be the first to do so since Wayne Gretzky won eight straight from 1980 to 1987. Ovie notched 50 goals for the third straight season and led the Capitals’ charge into the postseason after being named captain in January.

The Hart will be awarded at the NHL Awards Ceremony on June 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The Washington Game

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‘Livan Hernandez Pitching’
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If you’ve got some affection for both our area and baseball then you might want to go give a listen to the segment from WAMU’s Metro Connection about DC’s baseball history. It’s a fun ten minute bit that roams through over a hundred years of history, but for my money the best part is about the time before baseball’s rules were standardized.

The “Washington game” included a rule variation that allowed the hitter to keep running the bases and racking up runs until the ball was found.

Guest Paul Dickson said “I imagine this was particularly effective at twilight.”

Give it a listen.

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Constellations Concert Monday: We’ve Got Tickets!

Constellations Vinyl

The Constellations are coming to DC9 on Monday night, and we’ve got a chance for you and a friend to come check them out, as well as take home a sweet two-song vinyl of Love is a Murder and Setback. Think 70′s Fela Kuti meets modern day Gorillaz. Want to check them out and take home some wax? Drop us a comment below

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends, May 1-2

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‘Earth Day Concert Dancers’
courtesy of ‘Mr. T in DC’

Max: Since I’ll be taking Friday off this week, I’m going to pretend that Thursday is part of the weekend.  I’ll be going to the Freer and Sackler Galleries for Asia After Dark to eat, drink, and be cultured, before picking up some friends from DCA.  They’re both DC virgins which means I’ll be showing them all of the major monuments, a Smithsonian gallery or two, the National Cathedral, and of course visiting Lauriol Plaza for numerous margaritas and queso dip.  If they’re not burnt out we may check out some of the embassies during the Around the World Embassy Tour.  I can already tell you what I’ll be doing next weekend: absolutely nothing.

Rebecca: My weekend centers around the 85th running of Gold Cup taking place this Saturday at Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia. If you’re not familiar with Gold Cup, it’s a day at the track with steeplechase races, Jack Russell Terrier races, corporate sponsored tents, tons of tailgatingcornholing, hat contests and UBER-preppy clothing. So Friday I’ll be resting up and making jello shots for Saturday’s bus ride over to the race. Saturday will be completely dominated by race day and debauchery. Sunday will involve heavy recovery and hydration activities with perhaps a trip to Z-Burger for some much need greasy, hangover-cure food. Continue reading

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Porter’s: Closed? …or Closing?


Fellow We Love DC author Dave Levy heard word that Porter’s in Dupont (located at 1207 19th Street) was being shut down so I ran outside my office to sneak and peak.

That’s when I ran into the movers. All outdoor and indoor furniture was being manhandled into a moving truck upon my arrival just 10 minutes ago.

We are currently awaiting confirmation from a source providing additional information that the moving truck is related to the bar’s final days at its Dupont location.

Look for more on this story as it becomes available.

Porter's: "Closed for the time being."

Update, 3:33 pm: Porter’s is officially closed for the time being. Ownership respectfully declined further comment. However, Porter’s does hope to re-open in the future. (Photo above taken at 3:27 pm via mobile phone.)

Update, 2:57 pm: Three phone calls made to Porter’s within the last hour were not answered. All calls received a busy signal.

Continue reading