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We Love Music: Getting to Know Flo Anito

Photo courtesy of Flo Anito

Flo Anito‘s got a step-up when compared to her fellow singer-songwriters in the District. She has an official music video for her song “Uh Oh,” which is already getting press in the LA Examiner and DC’s On Tap Magazine. The video, shot in-town at the Capital City Diner, is just one of many bragging rights this girl’s got on her musical resume.

After a live audition, Anito was selected for the 2010 Artist Roster at the world renowned Strathmore Music Hall. “Uh Oh” was also one of five finalists in Cosmo Radio’s Breaking the Band Contest, which won Anito an on-air interview and a song spin on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Her new album, “No Dustbunnies,” features Chris Keup (O.A.R., Erin McKeown), Stewart Meyers (Lifehouse), and Brian Jones (Dave Matthews Band, Mandy Moore). It is also a best seller on both CD Baby and Digstation and is getting radio play in New York, Connecticut, and the DC metro area.

Anito is an established name in a vocal community of District performance artists. She encourages her musical counterparts and took the time to share her stories and experiences with the We Love DC audience.

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Marquis Shuts-out the World Champions

Photo courtesy of
‘Nat’s-Phillies Marquis’ Premiere’
courtesy of ‘Tony DeFilippo’

It’s safe to say that any team facing Tim Lincecum and the world champion San Francisco Giants this season needs to take care when playing against such a strong competitor. But, for whatever reason, when the Washington Nationals face Lincecum … well, that’s a horse of a different color.

Lincecum made his fifth career start against the Nationals Friday night. The last time he faced Jim Riggleman’s lineup in 2010, he took a loss after allowing six runs in just 4.2 innings at AT&T Park.

Instead of Lincecum and the Giants pouncing all over the Nationals, Washington right-handed starter Jason Marquis was the better man on the mound. Continue reading

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Fire Missing As Caps Dropped By Lightning in Game 1

Photo courtesy of
‘Rock the Red’
courtesy of ‘theqspeaks’

There was something missing at Verizon Center on Friday night. It just did not feel right, neither with the fans in the stands or the Caps on the ice. All evening felt like one of those awkward dates where you end up holding hands because that is what you are supposed to do, not because that is what you want to do.

And the Caps lost. The Lightning played solid and steady for most of the game, did not panic when Washington scored two goals and dominated for a 25 minute stretch through the second period and used a little luck to beat the Caps 4-2 to take a one game to none lead in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

“You can’t play river hockey and I am looking at this saying this isn’t the way we play. It was reverting back to an older day,” said Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau.

It was like Verizon Center was asleep. The fans were loud when they were supposed to be loud, cheered when prompted, joined the chants when it was appropriate. About 15 minutes before Game 1 puck drop I found myself standing in the press box saying “this is a 7 o’clock start, right?” The stands were only about 40% full. It eventually filled out and the pre-game was very loud but once the lights came back on, the crowd zoned out. They played with their thunder-sticks and cowbells because it was what they are supposed to do.

I mean, who are these people?

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Friday Happy Hour: Pimm’s Cup No. 13

It’s time for Friday Happy Hour, highlighting a drink we’ve recently enjoyed, every Friday at 4pm! Please share your favorites as well.

Some of my favorite things: London, gin, ridiculous hats, men in morning dress, and pomp. I have even been told I am “a bit of a princess” (though that may not have been meant as a compliment). In other words, I have somewhat greater than a passing interest in this morning’s Royal Wedding.

I am writing this column whilst drinking Bellocq tea – No. 35, naturally – from a William and Catherine commemorative mug purchased at my favorite store in the world, Liberty.

Of course, that does not make for nearly so good a happy hour as a Pimm’s Cup.
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Alex Ashton is We Love DC’s official playoff beard

The internet daemons have spoken and Alex won our sponsorship. Random.org picked his comment as the winner and we’ve dropped $50 that’ll go towards the Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena. That doesn’t let you folks off the hook – go sponsor a beard of your own.

Alex, we’ll be sending over the artist to dye your face WLDC blue and brand our URL on your cheeks. Don’t worry, it only stings for a few weeks. Count yourself lucky it’s on your face. I had to stand up for a week.

What, you didn’t read our contest’s fine print?

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Capital Chefs: Scott Drewno of The Source (Part 2)

Photo courtesy of
‘Dumplings at The Source’
courtesy of ‘bonappetitfoodie’

I’m the type of cook that likes a challenge in the kitchen, and one that I’ve been meaning to take on is making my own Chinese food rather than calling for delivery. So these dumplings are the perfect solution. They’re delicious and you’d be surprised that they’re not all that hard to assemble.

Scott Drewno has included two recipes for chicken dumplings and pork potstickers. Read the full recipes after the jump.

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Hot Ticket: Pinback @ Black Cat, 5/1/11


This Sunday night, indie rockers Pinback return to the Black Cat to deliver a set of positive, upbeat guitar grooves.

Pinback’s front man Rob Crow has been all over the map musically, playing in groups as diverse as math rockers Three Mile Pilot, Chino Moreno’s spacey electro project Team Sleep, and sludge metal outfit Goblin Cock. He’s one of those guys that’s bursting at the seams with songwriting skills, like he can’t help but write catchy tunes in any style with any musical partners.

It’s been four years since we’ve heard any new Pinback material since their breakthrough “Autumn of the Seraphs”, but with Record Store Day two weeks ago, fans were treated to an EP with two new Pinback songs. I’m curious to see what the show will be like this time – how much new/unreleased material will they play? Will they try playing stripped-down versions of their songs, like last summer when they performed as just a two-piece? Let’s find out.

w/ Judgement Day
Black Cat Mainstage
Sunday, May 1, 2011

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Food Tweet of the Week: Founding Farmers

Photo courtesy of
‘Founding Farmers’
courtesy of ‘angela n.’

This might just be cheating, since the winner is actually a retweet…but it was just that good.

Founding Farmers doesn’t mess around when it comes to food or Twitter. Anyone who’s eaten here knows the food served comes from family farms, ranches and fisheries across the U.S. Aka your dish will be full of style and color.

The restaurant actually doesn’t put up many pictures of food, but that might be because it can count on happy diners to do it FOR them. In just the past couple of days I’ve seen pictures of corn on the cob, a fab pasta fish, and a burger. Hello mouth watering.

But my fave of the week from @FoundingFarmers is something completely different.

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How To Quench Lightning

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘bridgetds’

In the NHL the rule is that the warmer it gets, the harder the competition becomes.

It is not just a matter of increased skill from the opponent. There is no doubt that the Tampa Bay Lightning have a lot more talent than the New York Rangers, but with increased intensity and stress, teams resort to all sorts of desperate measures.

To beat the Lightning and move on to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in the Bruce Boudreau era, the Caps are going to have to learn to cope.

Take a look at the other playoff series that have just been completed. In the Eastern Conference, every team except the Caps that moved on had to come from behind in the series. The Flyers had to figure out All-World goaltender Ryan Miller and their own shortcomings in net. They played to their strengths, kept the high-energy forecheck on the Sabres and eventually Buffalo wilted because their strength – defensive traps in front of Miller – could not cope. Boston lost the first to game, at home no less, to Montreal because the Canadiens took a lead in each game and went into a 1-4 zone and started using their bodies as rubber scotch guards. The Bruins knew they had the talent to get to Habs’ netminder Carey Price, played physical but in control and took out their arch-nemesis in a dramatic seven games.
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CB2 Georgetown Opens Tomorrow

The newest location of “affordable modern” furniture and homegoods chain CB2 opens in Georgetown on Saturday, April 30th. This is the ninth location for the Crate & Barrel offshoot and the first in the Washington area.

Catering primarily to a younger demographic with a bright, modern style, CB2 keeps prices considerably lower than its sister chain and makes a point to scale furniture for more compact, apartment-sized living spaces.
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Capital Chefs: Scott Drewno of The Source (Part 1)

Photo courtesy of
‘Scott Drewno of The Source’
courtesy of ‘bonappetitfoodie’

Having cooked for the President and one of the most renowned chefs in the world, as well as having cleaned up consistently at cooking competitions throughout DC, you would think that Scott Drewno would have an ego even bigger than his over six-foot frame. But when I asked him how he deals with the hectic schedule and all of the pressure that comes with such success, his answer revealed just how humble and grounded he is.

“The thing I’ve learned is that you’re only as good as the team you surround yourself with,” Drewno says. “At times it’s stressful, but it’s also a really exciting job.” When I met with Drewno, executive chef of The Source by Wolfgang Puck, he had just gotten back from a corporate retreat in Las Vegas where Wolfgang Puck had asked his various chefs to cook something he had “never seen before.” No big deal, you know, cooking for a chef who’s palate has tasted just about everything and just so happens to be your boss. “Wolfgang Puck is a visionary. He’s very smart and he’s built a great team,” Drewno says.

For Drewno, who was named chef of the year at the 2010 RAMMY’s, he was the type of person who knew he always wanted to be in the kitchen. “Did the industry find me or did I find it?” he jokes. “I really like the roller coaster. No two days are alike and it’s exciting every day. Fifteen years and it’s never felt like a day of work.”
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Hot Ticket: Sweetlife Festival @ Merriweather Post Pavilion, 5/1/11

This weekend the second annual Sweetlife Music Festival, put on by Georgetown’s eco-friendly health-food restaurant Sweetgreen, takes place at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Everything about this year’s festival is bigger than the last one, from the venue to the line-up topped by The Strokes, one of the biggest bands around. Considering the mania surrounding the initial announcement of this great day of music, I was shocked to discover that there are still plenty of general admission tickets available just two days before the festivities are set to begin.

With Lupe Fiasco, Cold War Kids, Crystal Castles, and Girl Talk you’ve got four acts that can easily sell-out the 9:30 Club every time they roll through town. Ra Ra Riot and Theophilus London have the rising stars angle locked down. Walk The Moon, Modern Man, and US Royalty warm the whole thing up with some “if you haven’t heard them yet, you’ll always remember this for being the first time you saw them”-vibes. Bonus points for Modern Man and US Royalty representing the DC-hometown spirit. And closing out the whole shebang is The Strokes; bonafide international festival headliners throwing their weight behind this upstart festival that is going to give Virgin FreeFest 2011 a run for the money.

What are DC music fans waiting for? Jump on this awesome day of music!

Sweetlife Festival
@ Merriweather Post Pavilion
5/1/11 – 12pm

Unconfirmed Set Times after the jump.
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We Love Music: Atmosphere @ 9:30 Club, 4/28

all photos by author.

As I walked down the sidewalk in front of the 9:30 Club towards the box office on Thursday afternoon, I thought I spotted a familiar face lingering amongst the crowd of fans lined up outside.


Yep, it was the Minnesota rapper and leader of Atmosphere decked out in a Ben’s Chili Bowl t-shirt casually talking to fans. I picked up my ticket and headed to the back of the line and patiently waited as Slug granted every autograph request and photo op with his fans.

As the line got shorter, one of the two guys standing in front of me fumbled for something for Slug to sign.

“Uhh…can you sign my pack of Kool’s?”

“Aw, come on…gross, Kool’s?,” Slug replied with a smile as he scribbled his name down on the carton.

I’ve occasionally listened to Atmosphere over the years and knew of the rabid fan base that Slug had gained since dropping their initial album “Overcast!” in 1997. I was also aware of the kind and humble nature of Slug and I was happy to see that all the good things that I’ve read about him appeared to be true. I’ve been to my fair share of concerts and I’ve never seen anyone stand outside and talk to fans the way he did. No VIP special meet and greets here, every fan got a little face time with Slug.

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We Love Drinks: Andy Duffy

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘Jenn Larsen’

We Love Drinks continues our series where we look behind the bar, profiling the many people – from mixologists to bartenders, sommeliers to publicans – who make your drinks experience happen.

Up to this point in our profile series, we’ve mainly focused on the craft of bartending, a profession that’s finally getting its due. We’ve also talked to a few beverage program and bar managers, the people who design menus and run operations. But what about doing all that and more? What does it take to own your own bar?

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of owning a pub, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that idea. To get behind the dream to the reality, I sat down with Andy Duffy on a Saturday afternoon while hockey fans cheered in the background. As I spoke with him about Duffy’s, the Irish tavern that bears his name on Vermont Avenue near the 9:30 Club, it struck me that its one of those “third places” in my life. I’ve had friends work there, close friends are regulars, and hardly a week goes by without someone saying, “I’m heading to Duffy’s tonight.” There have been hockey game viewings, dart league matches, birthday parties and New Year’s. Duffy’s is my neighborhood pub.

Andy Duffy is most definitely the reason why we keep returning. But like the best publicans, he shies away from self-aggrandizement. There isn’t even a picture of him in this profile, at his request, because he believes the bar should be front and center. For him, the primary motivation to have his own place is the people factor. His low key pub is the “living room” for this intersection that used to be marked only by being a rough and tumble wasteland, now occupied by condos, the nearby Howard Plaza Towers, and newer bars like American Ice Company. More development is coming soon, but it’s still a bit rough in a different sense – Duffy’s has restrictions on its hours and is unable to stay open after midnight on weekdays, meaning when concerts let out he loses those potential customers. That’s a financial impediment to a pub’s success, and hopefully the results of a recent hearing will help change that in the future.

He took a serious risk opening his own bar. The five year anniversary is May 11. I wanted to know, has it been worth it? Continue reading

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This Week in Food

Photo courtesy of
‘Bacon Doublecheeseburger’
courtesy of ‘Kevin H.’

Just Because I Love Burgers

LOVE this post. EaterDC gathered three chefs and had them duke it out to see who could “create a burger that would make the presidential mouth water.” The brave participants were Chefs Todd Gray (Equinox), Victor Albisu (BLT Steak) and Brian McBride (Blue Duck Tavern). Albisu won the challenge, but all the burgers looked to die for.

Lobster Update

Washingtonian tells us that New York-based Luke’s Lobster co-owners Ben Conniff and Luke Holden have signed a lease for a 700-square-foot space in Penn Quarter. They hope to open by the end of May.  The menu will include, of course, those buttery lobster rolls,  as well as clam chowder and Empress crab claws. 

Liquor License

Prince of Petworth has the scoop on the old Post Office Building at 1407 T St. NW.  According to the liquor license application, this would be a “casual and relaxed bistro restaurant serving an extensive Saturday & Sunday brunch.”

Loving Carbs

WeLoveDC Marissa got to baking this week at PAUL, a new bread shop and bakery in DC.  PAUL officially opens May 2nd and will offer pastries, soups, quiches, French macarons, sandwiches and salads. So head down to 801 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

Cinco de Mayo!

Looking for a fun place to celebrate? How about sitting down (or standing up) at Masa 14′s 74-seat Tequila Lounge? Masa will celebrate Cinco de Mayo by offering five different flavors of margaritas for just $5 each on Thursday, May 5th.  Just make sure to pair them with Latin-Asian tapas.

Happy eating!

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Haynesworth’s attorney is right

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘marc falardeau’

Too bad it’s not for the reason he thinks.

You probably already know the the story and both sides of it; it’s reiterated in every article about it, including this latest from WaPo about Haynesworth’s position that he won’t take a deal knocking the charge down to simple assault. I obviously have no more idea what really happened than anyone else who wasn’t there, though I know where I’d lay my bet.

But let’s be clear about one thing: when Haynesworth’s attorney A. Scott Bolden says “If he wasn’t Albert Haynesworth, this case would not have gone to the U.S. attorney’s office or the grand jury” he is exactly right.

It would have happened and been ignored just like the multitude of other times every single day when someone with power over a woman feels free to touch them against their consent. It would have been just one more incident of an employee in a service position having to stomach mistreatment because someone with power over them decided to ignore the lines of human decency and reasonable behavior in a situation where the employee couldn’t freely say “no.”

It would have been what far too many people would describe as “today.”

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We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends, April 30-May 1

Photo courtesy of
courtesy of ‘philliefan99′

Patrick Palafox: This Friday I am heading to this supposedly hard-to-find-place called Subterranean A to witness the Comedy Underground Show thrown by Brandon Wetherbee of You Me Them Everybody and Live From the Lab. I have no idea what to expect, but it sounds pretty hip and I am a hip dude. Therefore, I am a dude with a hip.

Paulo: This weekend we are going to Charlottesville, Virginia to see a friend get married. While we’re there, why not see the history there is to see? Monticello and Ash Lawn are on the itinerary, maybe a bite at Michie Tavern, and I’m told the UVA campus itself is a sight to behold. Continue reading

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Hot Ticket: The Appleseed Cast @ Rock and Roll Hotel, 4/30/11

The Appleseed Cast - Two Conversations

“As the tear flow out it’s the end, the end of you and me.” They probably don’t appreciate me saying this, but don’t miss one of the 21st century’s finest emo groups at the Rock and Roll Hotel this Saturday.

The Appleseed Cast have been cranking out albums for nearly 15 years. I’ll always remember them as a band taking the Midwestern emo style of bands like Mineral and Texas Is The Reason, and bringing it to the next level – toning down the melodrama, and adding increasingly complex music to back it up. “Fight Song” still gives me chills when I hear that opening melody. It’s been on so many mixtapes of mine – you don’t even know. The emo-ness has largely faded from their more recent tunes, leaving only professional, feel-good rock n roll.

Of course, they’re only one of the four bands playing that night. A Great Big Pile of Leaves from Brooklyn remind me of relaxed, beachy melodies of Minus the Bear, but with more vocal swagger. But they’re the only opener that even remotely reminds me of A-Cast. Dischord signees Edie Sedgwick, self-described as “the transgendered reincarnation of a vacuous Andy Warhol Superstar who died of a barbiturate overdose in 1971”, sound bizarre to say the least. The music itself is mainly mid-tempo bass lines and drums, with a story-telling, spoken-word-ish vocal style. Oh, and Pianos Become the Teeth happen to be one of my favorite emo/screamo bands of the moment. It’s tense, complex, passionate, and earnest, which seems appropriate for the bill, but they’re louder than the rest of the bands by a factor of 10.

The Appleseed Cast are touring to promote a new EP, “Middle States”, which is only available on tour until its official release in June.

The Appleseed Cast
w/ A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Edie Sedgwick, Pianos Become the Teeth
Rock and Roll Hotel
Saturday, April 30th, 2011

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Mow your lawn, DC, or face the consequences

Photo courtesy of
‘Summer is coming’
courtesy of ‘JulieLG’

Starting Sunday, we’re back in grass season in the District, where residents are required to keep their property up as to avoid the spread of noxious weeds and whatnot.  In DC, beginning May 1st and running through October 31st, owners have to keep their property free from weeds over 10″ in height.  That means you’ve got to get your mowers out, and your blades sharpened, and your weed-whackers charged.  Fines in the District can reach $500 for not complying, and they’ll just show up and take action if you don’t, and that’s going to cost you extra.

In Montgomery and Arlington counties, you get two extra inches to worry about, but you’ll still be subject to fines and the county coming onto your property and “fixing” the issue.  Fairfax had a weed law until about 1976, when it was found to be unconstitutional for limiting expression. The EPA has republished an article from the John Marshall Law Review on Green Landscapes which gives a rich history of these so-called “Weed Laws” (not to be confused with medical marijuana) and why they might be bad for your community.

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The P Street Fairey

Heading west from the 14th Street corner of P Street, as jarring as a fence or brick wall, you’ll crash into a young Cambodian soldier, a machine gun hanging off his shoulder, a brilliant red flower pinned to his beret. The alley wall ends, but his steadfast gaze does not; and whatever his destination, it seems to lie far beyond the world of Whole Foods shoppers and restaurant patrons that cross his path.

Instinctively, the work represents thoughtful propaganda: a bold color scheme; simple, stylized shapes; and a gash of scarlet that draws the eye along the line of the machine gun…. When for the past decade the American public has consumed a war of desert operations and afghan uniforms, the brooding child fighter surely serves as a loud reminder that our war is not exceptional—others have preceded it, as equally horrendous and powerful in public memory. Titled “Duality of Humanity 2,” it could also mean just that— like his arm that carries a weapon while bearing a peace sign patch, how ironic is it that we fight wars to forge peace.

Or, in another twisted layer of irony, the whole thing could mean nothing at all.
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