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Update on Yesterday’s Fire at Hook/Tacklebox

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‘Georgetown Fire’
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As we reported yesterday, a fire broke out at Hook and Tackle Box restaurants in Georgetown in the early afternoon. According to a media release that was circulated last night, the cause of the fire is still undetermined, but it’s believed that the fire started on the loading dock behind Hook.  The owner of the restaurants, Jonatahan Umbel, is waiting for results from the DCFD’s official investigation of the fire.

There is no specific date for when the restaurants might re-open.

Umbel gave a statement in the media release: “The most important thing to me is that our patrons and staff are safe and no one was harmed. We want to thank the DC fire department, which was quick and responsive to prevent any injuries to our staff, neighbors and diners. Unfortunately, both Hook and Tackle Box Georgetown are going to be closed for repairs indefinitely. We will be working feverishly to repair the buildings to have them open for business for our loyal patrons. During this difficult time, Tackle Box’s Cleveland Park location will be open for business and we ask our fans to support our brand so that we may be back on our feet in Georgetown soon.”

On behalf of We Love DC, our thoughts go out to Umbel and his staff at Hook and Tackle Box.

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Fire Breaks out at Hook in Georgetown

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A fire broke out at Hook in Georgetown this afternoon. DC firefighters have already extinguished the blaze and reported no injuries. According the DCfireems Twitter account, there is smoke and water damage to Hook’s sister restaurant, Tacklebox and the Saloun.

The Georgetowner tweeted earlier, “According to sources, Fire behind Tackle Box and Hook started from still lit cigarette butt… #georgetown DC.” The source of the fire has not been confirmed.

When stress builds up to a critical level, a very small additional amount of stress can trigger panic. As a result, the person may experience the event as coming out of the blue. Some people may have a genetic predisposition toward panic, as psychologist Regina A says. In case this makes you afraid, here are Five Critical Things To Do After A Fire.

You must  use your pre-planned escape route to get everyone out of the building as quickly as possible. smoke rises, so stay low or crawl on the floor in the cleaner air where it’s easier to breathe. do not stop to collect any valuables or possessions.

According to Paulo Ordoveza, a photographer for We Love DC, when he arrived on the scene “DCFD was breaking the upstairs windows at Hook to let smoke out.” He spoke with some of the Hook and Tacklebox staff who said that the fire didn’t start in Hook, rather it started in the structure directly behind the restaurant. Both Tacklebox and Hook were damaged in the fire.

As of 1:40 PM, M street NW remains closed from the Key bridge down Wisconsin Avenue.


Getaways: Centralia, Pa., is one smokin’ hot town

Photos by Erin McCann

What was it Joni Mitchell sang? “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”? Let’s just say that it took growing up and moving away from Central Pennsylvania for me to realize the true greatness of the place. Amish quilts and baked goods? Rolling hillsides? Whatever. What I’m talking about is the sort of tourist spot that only my homeland can create: an abandoned mining town that’s been on fire for nearly 50 years.

In 1962, Centralia was a small town just like any other, populated by miners and the descendants of miners. There were streets and houses and bars and churches and people. Today? Today there are streets. The houses and bars and churches and people are gone. In their place you’ll find the oppressive smell of sulfur, and steam spews from the ground constantly. It’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland that serves as a symbol of stubbornness, conspiracy and the decay of the American dream.

And it’s three and a half hours from D.C.

(And when you’re done, there’s beer.)

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Apartment Fire on Rhode Island, Injuries Reported

Photographs for We Love DC.

A fire has occurred on the upper floors of a 10-story building on the 1400 block of Rhode Island Avenue in Northwest (Update as of 5:30 p.m. – the apartment is the Windsor House at 1444 Rhode Island Ave. NW).  As of 5:15 p.m., 10-plus fire trucks have gathered in the area, in addition to numerous police cars and ambulances.  People were seen on stretchers, but the extent of injuries is unclear at this time.

Traffic is impacted in the area. Rhode Island is closed between 14th and 15th NW and 15th is closed from Massachusetts to Rhode Island.  It is also noted that 14th Street NW is open going north, but closed off headed south.

Watch this post and our twitter feed for updates.

Update as 0f 10:23 p.m.@dcfireems reports via twitter at 9:55 p.m., 21 residents displaced, EMS transported 6 — three civilians and three firefighters. Incident is under investigation but appears to be accidental.

Update as of 8:30 p.m. – 15th street NW remains closed from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, and Rhode Island between 14th and 15th NW.  Fewer fire and EMS vehicles on-site.

Update as of 7:23 p.m. – @dcfireems reports via twitter at 7:14 p.m., EMS transported 5 — including three civilians and two firefighters.

Update as of 7:03 p.m. – Area still blocked.  Traffic continues to be disrupted.

Update as of 6:04 p.m. – According to fire spokesman Pete Piringer to NBC Washington, several dozen people needed to be evacuated or needed assistance exiting the building. Several people were injured — two seriously — but none of the injuries is believed to be life-threatening.

Photograph of 15th and Rhode Island NW.

Photograph of visible damage.

See more photographs and eyewitness accounts here.

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Phillips Collection Opens After Fire

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‘The Phillips Collection’
courtesy of ‘CathyLovesDC’

The Phillips Collection has re-opened their doors today following the renovation-related fire on September 2nd.  Also, regular admission has been waived for the entire month of September.

The Phillips House will remain closed for repairs until further notice, but all other galleries will be open, including special exhibitions such as Pousette-Dart: Predominantly White Paintings 

The Phillips Collection is located at 1600 21st Street NW.

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Fire Under Willard & W Hotels, Evacuations, Street Closures

Huge smoke cloud in the distance in front of the Willard Hotel in DC
Photo courtesy Frank Gruber,

The fire has been extinguished, but you should expect street closures in the area around the Willard and W hotels overnight.

An underground transformer caught fire under 14th & F Streets NW, causing evacuations of the Willard Hotel, the W Hotel near the White House and Treasury Department. The Secret Service has closed 15th Street. As you might expect, power is also out in the area. Avoid it altogether if you can. Continue reading

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Smoke at Dupont Circle Metro

DC Fire/EMS on Twitter reports smoke at the Q Street NW entrance to Dupont Circle Metro on the Red Line — also site of this morning’s Escalator Fail. That entrance to the station is now closed and emergency responders are on the scene.

Update: Update from DC Fire/EMS: Dupont Circle Metro – Metro Mechanics on scene – situation under control – Station Open – DC F&EMS clearing scene – no injuries

In the attached video, courtesy Twitterer jaredev (view it larger after the jump) we have people being evacuated from the south station entrance, vaulting over the handrail due to a barricade in the way.

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Red Line Delays Due to Track Fire


An “arcing insulator” has caused a fire on the Red Line tracks (Shady Grove direction), outside Dupont Circle. At the same time, a track circuit issue is giving Metro problems at Farragut North. Single-tracking is currently in effect between Dupont and Van Ness. Expect major delays in both directions this afternoon. Official WMATA release here.

Update: “Normal” service has been restored.

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How Many GU Students Does It Take To…?

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Yesterday, some Hoya had a serious brain fart and decided to heat up their pizza in the common room oven without removing it from the PAPER box. Of course, as physics and common sense would have it, a fire broke out and the Harbin Hall dormitory was evacuated. DCFD were promptly on the scene and students returned to their dorms just in time for Jeopardy.

Usually, I’d chalk this mistake up to drinking, but considering the fire occurred at 7pm (prime college dinner time) I’m gonna just call a bonehead a bonehead.

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Snyder Apologizes for 2-5 Record, Fails to Realize He is Still a Jackass

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Yesterday, Dan Snyder apologized for the Redskins abysmal record. He appeared at a press conference after a charity event and stated that the Skins have “let everyone down” this season and that the organization is sorry. Unfortunately, he failed to address his crackdown on “offensive” signs and his pathological need for adulation from fans and the media. My guess is that he figured what Washingtonians are really upset about is the Skins’ losing record, and not that he meddles in the team’s coaching or that his skin is so thin that he can’t handle seeing a “Fire Snyder” t-shirt in his stadium. Dan, if you want people to stop hating you, let the coaches coach and quit being a jackass. Mostly the latter. It’s really that simple.

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Fire suppression efforts in NW harmed by low water pressure

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‘The Washington Times’
courtesy of ‘Bogotron’

NBC Washington has video of the house that caught fire and was pretty much destroyed on Chain Bridge Road. In the video a neighbor asserts that the fire started on a corner of the porch and might have been contained if not for a lack of water for fire crews to use. One hydrant was out of service and others lacked sufficient water pressure.

It’s been almost two years since this issue caught local attention with a fire in Adams Morgan and another at the Georgetown Library. At the same time where was news of huge numbers of out of service hydrants. Two years ago WASA claimed they were ahead of schedule on testing out-of-service hydrants and would start a five-year program of replacement.

Perhaps we’re just continuing a local tradition of a disaster following an award. Catoe gets a commendation for being a transit leader and we have a horrible metro crash shorly thereafter. Less than two weeks ago WASA received an award for their innovative use of technology in managing water hydrants and we subsequently discover that several don’t work well.

WASA and Mayor Fenty will surely be fielding some hard questions about why this problem persists two years later.

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Paolo’s Georgetown Catches Fire

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‘Paolo’s Ristorante’
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At around 10pm Saturday night, Paolo’s Ristorante on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and N Street NW caught on fire.  I happened to be sitting across the street having a drink at Martin’s Tavern, when I noticed black smoke billowing out the  back roof of the restaurant; shortly thereafter we saw flames.  At the time, Paolo’s was in full swing, packed with diners and DCers prepping for a night out.  Two fire engines promptly appeared and the small blaze was adeptly extinguished–it took about an hour or so, for the whole operation to be over.  It was very cool to see the DCFD is full action. This included two ladders in operation, hooks pulling down flaming debris, and multiple fire extinguishers.  I even spotted a female firefighter. Yeh, chick, represent!

From my vantage point, the fire was not very big and most likely started in the kitchen at the back of the restaurant.  It looked to be near some sort of chimey-esque vent.  Given the fire’s size and location, and the fast response of the DCFD, I assumed everyone (staff and patrons) got out OK.  This conjecture was furthered when I walked by Paolo’s at 1:30am and saw the staff sitting at the restaurant’s bar having drinks and chilling out.  When it’s 11pm on a Saturday night and your workplace, which happens to be a bar, closes unexpectedly, what else should you do besides grab a drink, enjoy the weather and hit up the nightlife? Continue reading

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Aaaaand They’re Back

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‘Friday night fireworks at Nationals Park’
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It seems that the great-fireworks controversy at Nationals Park has drawn to an end a mere 24 hours after it started.  You may recall that DC Fire Chief Dennis Rubin suspended the displays after debris fell on him during a game on Sunday.  After what must have been some intense negotiations, Nats officials caved and agreed to change the firing angle slightly to better protect the crowd. Hooray.

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No More Fireworks (for now)

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WAPO reports that the fireworks displays at Nats Park were suspended by DC Fire Chief Dennis Rubin after ash fell on him while he attended a game.  While he was not injured, and there have been no fire concerns up to this point, the Chief wishes to conduct a safety review before the displays are reinstated. If this seems a little asinine, let’s be honest: at this point, the Nationals don’t really deserve fireworks, anyways.

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Ristorante Piccolo Fire

A fire has destroyed Ristorante Piccolo on 31st St NW in Georgetown. The call came in at 5:16 AM and DCFD has extinguished the fire by now, but the report is that the restaurant is totalled, crews are still on scene, and traffic in the area of Wisconsin and M St NW area is a mess.

More from WUSA9, WJLA, NBC4, and FOX5.

Update: Russell has a picture from the scene this morning.

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Red Line Delays Due to Track Fire

A small track fire on the Red Line at Metro Center prompted single tracking between Dupont Circle and Judiciary Square earlier this morning (around 7:30 AM), causing a cascade of delays down the Red Line in both directions all through the morning rush. The fire has been put out and trains are moving, but between 8:30 and 9:00 AM things were still a fair mess, with crowds of people filling trains and platforms to capacity.

To WMATA’s credit, communication with passengers from train and station PA systems was clear and thorough, and the rush hour crowd, though thick, flowed with tolerable courtesy and smoothness. (As quickly and safely as possible, as they say.) At least, that was my experience getting to work this morning. Does anyone else caught in the crowd feel differently?

(NBC4 reports that the fire started in a “stud post.” What are those?)

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Featured Photo

20080713L1000014 by furcafe

‘Tis the season for barbecuing, the time to gather up your friends and family, fire up the coals, and throw down some of your favorite meats and vegetables. It’s also a great opportunity to toss back a few cans of beer or your favorite blueberry drink of choice. But be careful, DC. When you mix an open fire pit with alcohol consumption, you may very well set the neighborhood on fire.

This brings up a good question. Last year it was discovered that at least 25% of DC’s fire hydrants were out of order. So what state are our hydrants in now? Have they all been fixed? Are we down to 5%? I know the hydrant across the street from my house still has an “out of service” collar on it which is not exactly a comforting feeling. I have to say, from the Georgetown Library fire to the recent one in Mount Pleasant, DC should also be known as the “fire capital” of the United States.

Photographer Chris Chen (furcafe), an omnipresent “man on the scene”, did a great job of capturing the spirit of a backyard barbecue in this shot. While you’ll normally see him with a film camera strapped around his neck (and please note that I have never seen Chris without a camera), this photo was captured using his digital Leica M8.