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Here’s Sodium Hypochlorite In Your Water

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‘Spice #4′
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According to a NewsChannel8 report, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be swapping out the chlorine gas currently used to disinfectant 180 gallons of DC water for a liquid form of chlorine called sodium hypochlorite, more commonly known as bleach.

The main reason for the switch out is that sodium hypochlorite is safer to transport, store, and use, and therefore helps avoid the release of chlorine gas by accident or potentially by acts of terrorism.

The switch, schedule to begin next month, should not effect the taste or smell of the water supply, which currently flows to 1 million DC residents.

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DC Omni 100: #6 Black Pudding

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It’s time for another item from the DC Omnivore 100 list of the top one hundred foods every good omnivore should try at least once in their lives.

Let’s get over the squeamishness now, and call a spade a spade. Black pudding is blood sausage. Ahhhh…I said BLOOD! Now we know what we’re eating and we can directly correlate it to a real live animal,  not some amorphous substance. So now that we’ve established that, freaked out a tad and gotten over it, let’s talk about how delicious black pudding is.

In its simplest form, black pudding is a combination of onions, a few herbs, barley, bread crumbs, meat, seasonal vegetables, or heavy spices and, typically, pork or cow blood. I supposed for some it’s the incorrect assumption that the only ingredient in black pudding is blood that makes it SO unappealing. However, the best black pudding does not use too much blood, and has an even mixture of the other ingredients. It’s this perfect combination that makes the flavor of black pudding to be so rich, complex and delicious.

Traditionally, black pudding is served as part of a full English breakfast, such as the one I recently enjoyed at Ireland’s Four Courts in Arlington, VA. A full English breakfast gets you a few slices of black pudding, eggs (cooked to your liking,) baked beans, fried tomatoes, hash browns, toast, bacon, white pudding (a relative of black pudding but sans blood) and perhaps a few other odds and ends depending on the cook and restaurant you’re at. If you’re new to black pudding, the small amount provided as part of the meal will be an excellent way to sample this iron rich, savory treat. And if you don’t like it, at least you’re left with plenty of “friendly” food. Continue reading

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Another Near Metro Disaster & Potential Price Hike

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As if WMATA hasn’t been in the news enough, today comes word that on December 10, 2009, a team of independent safety inspectors were nearly struck by a metro train at the Braddock Road Station. According to the Tri-State Oversight Committee, the inspectors “were forced to quickly scramble out of the way to avoid being struck.” Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The incident occurred shortly after Metro lifted a six-month ban on monitors accessing live subway tracks, and was only one of a long list of safety violations reported by the committee.  A summary of the report by The Washington Post stated that “Metro’s safety training was inadequate and that the transit agency needed to take “immediate, short-term corrective action” to ensure worker safety.” The Post also reported that WMATA is taking action to correct the situation and will hold a safety session with multiple transit agencies.

Additionally, we hear that the Metro Board will hold public hearings (to take place before a Jan. 28 vote) on adding a 10 cent surcharge to Metro fares. The increase in fares (from March to June 2009) would be an attempt to cover a $40 million dollar shortfall and to prevent significant cuts to both metro and metrobus service. Continue reading

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Northface Store Robbed, Handgun Involved

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‘North Face Store, Georgetown’
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Yesterday afternoon thieves entered The Northface Clothing Store on M Street in Georgetown, stole a large amount of merchandise and held the pursuing security officer at gunpoint before making their getaway.

At around 1:45pm, five suspects entered the store, removed a significant amount of merchandise, exited the store without paying and got into an awaiting dark colored, 4 door, Mercury Marquis parked on 36th and Prospect Streets. Then, according to Lieutenant John M. Hedgecock of the MPD, “The [Northface] security officer confronted the suspects within the vehicle. At this time, the driver of the vehicle pointed a silver handgun at the security officer and stated ‘back up’.” Fortunately, the  security guard, employees and passersby were not hurt during the incident. A description of the suspects is pending further MPD updates.

The theft is interesting considering October reports by My Fox DC and DCist that undercover MPD officers would be donning Northface apparel in an attempt to nab thieves. Wonder if the two are in any way connected. Continue reading

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Updated: Wind Advisory Issued Until Sunday 6pm

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’09 Kite Festival – Free as the Wind – 3-28-09′
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The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory for the Baltimore/Washington, DC area that will remain in effect until 3am Sunday morning. Repeated surges of arctic air could produce wind gusts of 45-50 mph and can make driving extremely difficult for ” high profile” (aka tall) vehicles. So if you plan on being out on the roads be careful.

Update @ 01/03 , 10:10am: The NWS has extended their area weather advisory until 6pm Sunday night. Winds of up to 30 mph can be expected with gusts up to 50 mph.  The wind will lower outdoor temperatures to the single digits and teens.  If you’re heading outside bundle up big time!

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Target To-Go Store In Georgetown

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According to the Washington Business Journal, a Target To-Go Store will be operating in Georgetown (M St. NW and Wisconsin Ave. NW,) Dec. 11-13 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

These temporary shops feature 50 reasonably priced gifts such as toys, housing items and gadgets, plus pre-store launch items from the Rodarte clothing line.

DC, with New York and San Francisco, will be the only cities in the U.S. to have the temporary outlets.

Additionally, Target is scattering 500 gift tags throughout the city. Those who find them get a giftcard and Target will donate $100 to the Salvation Army for each found tag.

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Bringing Bravo’s Top Chef to DC

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The foodies over at DC blog Capital Spice have been intently watching and covering this season of Bravo’s Top Chef, and last week they offered up a fantastic interview with Frederick, Maryland’s own final contest Bryan Voltaggio.

Leading up to this Wednesday’s finale, the site is running a contest that not only gives the winner a Top Chef prize package, but also pitches Washington, DC as the fantastic location for the next season of Top Chef.

So here’s your assignment: Concept a Top Chef elimination challenge that highlights something uniquely Washington. Think: locations, ingredients, events, guest judges who best represent DC, etc.

DC would be an amazing venue for Top Chef. We’ve got a solid culinary community with DC denizens, like Spike Mendelsohn, Carla Hall, and Mike Isabella already showing DC skills on Top Chef, and currently Mr. Voltaggio making a very strong play the Season 6 title.  Additionally, DC offers a fantastic array of high-quality restaurants (with celebrity chefs,) historic eateries, local breweries, gourmet shops, great farmers’ markets, superb area produce, and a solid wine scene.

Capital Spice will take submissions until the beginning of the Top Chef finale this Wednesday night and will announce the winning entry on Thursday. Put your creative hats on! Get to brainstorming! And let’s bring Top Chef to DC!

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Keeping Safe During The Holidays

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With the holiday season in full swing, it’s important to note that thefts and robberies normally increase during this time of year as we’re out of the house shopping, and carrying around more money and merchandise than normal.  So let’s keep in mind, these Neighborhood Watch Program safety tips/ reminders:

· Carry your valuables wisely.   Do not keep cash in your wallet or purse.  Keep cash in your inside pocket and only carry the credit cards you will use that day.

· Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.  If you must leave packages in your car, lock them in the trunk or in the glove compartment.  Remove your radio faceplate and lock it in the glove compartment.  Never leave your vehicle engine running while away from your car, even for a moment.  Never leave your GPS, mounting bracket, or cord visible.  It is best to remove them. Continue reading

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Holiday Merriment In Georgetown Is Blowing Up

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When I checked out the posters for this Sunday’s 2nd Merriment in Georgetown, the performance by kiddie rock band Milkshake, photos with Santa and the American Girl doll activities, gave this festivity a distinctly non-twenty/thirty something year old  vibe.

That was until this morning’s weekly Georgetown BID email, which enlightened me to the Merriment’s awesome dining and shopping discounts AND a flurry of pre/post-events in Georgetown hood. Continue reading

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DC Omni 100: #24 Rice and Bean

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It’s time for another item from the DC Omnivore 100 list of the top one hundred foods every good omnivore should try at least once in their lives.

After all the turkey, potatoes, gravy and stuffing from the past week, let’s take a flavor profile U-turn to explore the popular Latin American and Caribbean dish, rice and beans.

Prepared separately, rice and beans are usually served side by side, not mixed together, and can be both a main and side dish. Traditionally, the rice is usually of the white grain variety, but can be seasoned to take on a more creole or Spanish style flavor. In researching the dish, I was surprised to learn that rice is not a native grain to America, rather it was introduced to the continent by European colonists during the early 16th century. Rice provides an abundance of nutrients, like iron, protein, and vitamin B. As a starch, rice is also an excellent source of energy.

The beans is where you’ll find a lot of variety. Beans can black, red or brown, and can be cooked from in either dried and fresh forms. Like its rice counterpart, beans contain a wealth of iron, protein and other necessary vitamins. Continue reading

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National Parks Not National Parties

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Today’s Georgetown Metropolitan covered the growing incidence of kids’ parties staged at Montrose Park, part of Rock Creek National Park,  in Northwest DC.

Apparently, some of these parties have gotten “a little crazy” with parents trucking in pony rides, miniature petting zoos and moon bounces.

From the GM article, it appears the parties aren’t causing the neighborhood any trouble, but word seems to spreading, so my suggestion to neighborhood parents is to stick with the classic pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and pinata. You can’t go wrong with those classics.

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Worried about ice? You should be!

Watch Your Step - by Mr. Ducke (Creative Commons)

Watch Your Step - Mr. Ducke (Creative Commons)

As I walked to the metro this morning, I realized that I saw a lot of sidewalks in my area that still had the awful combination of snow and ice all over them.  The first thing I thought is “why haven’t they shoveled”?  But I felt better when I realized that Arlington would quickly come down on those who didn’t shovel…

… I shouldn’t have been that hasty.  It turns out that Arlington, like many other counties and cities in the area, don’t require homeowners or businesses to shovel their sidewalks.  So although the streets are clear, the pedestrians are out of luck.

I don’t know about you – but I think that’s just ridiculous.  This isn’t a rural community with no sidewalks.  Plenty of people in the DC metro area have been convinced to give up commuting by car and walk to a bus stop, metro station, or to work.  So why don’t they require business and homeowners to clear their own sidewalks?

Continue reading