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We Love Food: Market Lunch

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Whenever I mention Market Lunch to people, and I do often, I always get the same response: “Oh, I’ve heard that place is so great–but I’ve never been.” I don’t know if it’s the lines that scare folks away, or the Soup Nazi-esque ordering system, but don’t be afraid! It’s a quintessential Washington experience that no one should miss, and a great meal to boot. My trips to Eastern Market are almost always wrapped around meal time to make sure I can take advantage of all that Market Lunch has to offer. Continue reading

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Recap: 2nd Annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game

2nd Annual Congressional Softball Game

Yesterday at Guy Mason Park in Glover Park, female members of the media took on female members of Congress in the 2nd annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game to benefit Young Survival Coalition.

Both teams were stacked with a who’s who list of Washington pols and reporters, including Captains Dana Bash of CNN and Shailagh Murray of the WaPo, and Captains Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a principal organizer of the event, who was diagnosed with breast cancer two years at the age of 41. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Sen. Amy Klobuchar announced the game and kept the friendly banter going.Very entertaining.

Off the field, it was a politico convention. DC’s First Lady Michelle Fenty kicked off the game was the first pitch. Supreme Court Justice, and Yankee’s fan, Sonia Sotomayor hungout in the Congressional dugout and Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in the second inning. Also spotted at the event were Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, Minority Leader John Boehner, Majority Whip Eric Cantor, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, etc. Continue reading

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Katie’s Guide to Summer

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Summer is my favorite season, I’ve made no secret of that on this here blog over the years. DC comes alive in the summer, with events galore. And if you’re new to DC, or new to We Love DC, or even an old faithful reader (and we love you for that, truly) I just wanted to take some time to point out that we’ve got you covered for summer.

So here is my short list of things I love about summer in DC and links to articles that we’ve written in the past to help you get the most out of it. (We call this unabashedly re-purposing content.)

So without futher ado:   Continue reading

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Smallest House in DC for Rent

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Do you ever feel like your pad is just a bit too large? Maybe you’re the type that doesn’t really like a space of their own.  Well, you’re in luck because DC’s smallest (unofficially) house is currently on the market.  For just over $1000/mo, you can enjoy all that this Capitol Hill home’s 252 square feet has to offer. The house is comes complete with a kitchenette, bathroom and backyard that’s actually larger than the interior. Frankly, though, it looks a little silly in between the neighboring normal sized houses, but I suppose that’s part of the charm.  So, if you’re the type of person searching for a unique little (emphasis on little) home, DC has the answer.  Isn’t there a tiny house in Georgetown, too?  I wonder which is smaller.

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Star and Shamrock Opens to Fulfill Both Your Irish Pub And Kosher Deli Needs

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Perhaps there has been a moment in these last few weeks when you’ve though, “Where in this fair town can I grab both a pint of Guinness at a nice pub as well as a bowl of Matzo Ball soup?” Sure, there are more than a fair share of Irish bars in most of the District neighborhoods; similarly, while maybe a little more challenging to find, there is good deli somewhere that will quench your thirst for some Jewish penicillin. Tackling both at the same time? Definitely a challenge.

The good news is that your quest will no longer take multiple visits, thanks to the The Star and The Shamrock Tavern and Deli, H. St’s newest addition. The menu reads like that of a New York deli – fresh sandwiches on rye bread, knishes, wursts and Chicken Liver – with the added joy of a full Irish beer list to meet your pub drinking needs. Like any good kosher deli, you can grab a Doc Brown’s Soda with your Reuben, or you could pick from any of 12 drafts and 22 bottled beers (including the wonderfully punny He’brew line).

Whether you haunt the pub circuit or just want a little taste of that New York deli tradition, it sounds like you can’t go wrong at Star and Shamrock.

(via Thrillist)

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DC Podcast Tours Led By Middle Schoolers

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WOW!  Alexandria’s Sandburg Middle School has developed ten awesome DC podcast tours that offer fabulous insights into our city’s neighborhoods, monuments, museums and local shops/restaurants.  Each podcast is accompanied by a informational guide that includes the closest metro stop, address, entrance fees and relevant website. How useful! The tours and voice overs are all performed by Sandburg students, and can be easily downloaded to your ipod or mp3 player. What a stellar find and what a stellar way for students and DCers to learn about our nation’s capital.

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The Road To Legalization: Will Congress Lay Down The Law?

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The legalization of medical marijuana in DC continues to be an issue for those supporting the cause. According to the Washington Post, “Nine out of 13 council members are co-sponsoring the bill that would make the city the 15th jurisdiction in the country to offer the option to the chronically ill.”

There are two problems that need to find resolution before the District can take the fight for medical marijuana any further — logistics and Congress.

The amendment to Initiative 59 states that the legalization of medical marijuana in DC would require five dispensaries city-wide. Each dispensary would supply a months worth of marijuana to registered patients as prescribed by their respective physicians and insurance for dispensaries will also be made available.

But — no matter the logistical dilemmas or support weighing in on both the pro and con side of the bill — Congress will have the final word on the matter. WaPo says that advocates appear to be the most concerned about getting the bill passed and untouched by Congress.

This wouldn’t be the first time Congress put their foot down. Back in 1998, voters approved the initiative. It was Congress who blocked it.

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We Love Arts: Evolve Urban Arts Project

Evolve at the Pierce School. Photo courtesy Eric Hope.

Evolve at the Pierce School. Photo courtesy Eric Hope.

Arts organizations tend to get hit the hardest in times of economic distress or, let’s face it, the current weather crisis. When galleries and theaters have to shutter their doors for even one night, it can be devastating. So consider this your PSA for Arts today: once we’re out of this mess, hit a play, see an exhibit, get out there and help the arts as much as you can. They’re really going to need it.

And there are so many worthy arts centers here in DC that go beyond the typical; we are truly lucky! One such unassuming place is Evolve Urban Arts Project in the H Street Arts District, with a special mission to promote local artists. Basically, says curator Eric Hope, “I’m trying to take some chances and give exposure to up-and-coming artists.” The recent exhibit by Dana Ellyn in December was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, and upcoming shows look to match that intensity. Let’s take a closer look at one of DC’s pioneering galleries.

Evolve Urban Arts Project came about when Chris Swanson and Jeff Printz bought the Pierce School in 2000 and renovated it to include a home for themselves and several loft units. A few years later, they started arts exhibits in the main foyer and throughout the public spaces of the building. Curator Eric Hope came on board in April 2009 and saw the potential to expand their profile in the DC arts community. The only steadfast rule, strongly encouraged by Swanson, is the promotion of local talent, and the exhibition space is free to the artists.

“Lowkey really describes us,” Eric explains, “I’m happy to have the freedom to work with artists who push boundaries and take chances.”

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The Hills

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We worked damn hard during the last snowpocalypse to make sure that you were well informed as to the snow related goings on in the DC area.  In fact, I’d say we covered the bases pretty well.  You know what that means for this time around? Recycled content!!

One of our readers, Shaun from Arlington, asked us about sledding hills in the DC area.  Fortunately, Cathy came up with a pretty sweet list in December.  For your information, here it is again:

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Metro to Boost Bike Locker Fees 185%

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The news came this afternoon from Wash Cycle that Metro is considering a proposal to increase fees by 185% for its bicycle lockers at various Metro stations from $70 a year to $200 a year. The increase would make it, per square foot, more expensive to store a bicycle than it would be to store a car in one of the WMATA garages.

While Metro’s certainly in a hard place financially, is almost tripling the fees of cyclists who ride to Metro the way to handle things? Surely $70 was too low, but trebling the cost? We’ve asked Metro what their argument was for such a dramatic hike. We’ll let you know what they say.

Update: Metro’s Doug Karas sent on the budget for FY2011 (which did confirm the hike), but wrote: Ultimately, the Board will decide what will go on the docket for public hearing. So any changes will be announced officially. I am sure if such a change is being considered it will be discussed at a Board or Committee meeting.

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Cupid’s Undie Run – Another Excuse for DC To Go Pantless

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Hey DC, want another excuse to take your pants off? Did the No Pants Party on the Metro leave you wanting more? Your prayers have been answered in form of a pantless run around the Capitol scheduled for Feb. 13.

Registration for Cupid’s Undie Run (yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like) is now open and costs $30 to enter. The registration fee includes a commemorative event t-shirt, all day drink specials, post-race food, and the chance to run around DC in nothing but your skivvies.

The party starts at noon at Pourhouse (located at 319 Pennsylvania Ave, SE) and ends with a 1.75 mile jog around the Capitol. Who knows — you just might meet your future ball ‘n chain. It’d sure as hell make a good story for the grandkids!

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Where to Watch the Game

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Unless you live in a cave, or genuinely care about nothing sports related, you’re probably aware that the BCS Championship Game is this evening.  And, if you have even an inkling of football fanaticism, you’re probably planning on watching it. Year to year, the BCS Title is a clash of the titans, and one of the highlights of the football season.  This year pits the Texas Long Horns against the Alabama Crimson Tide.  I’ll leave analysis and predictions to others and focus on the most practical of matters: where to watch the game.  I’m going to assume that you’re already aware of the “my house” and the “my friend’s house” options, so here are a few suggestions in case you want to leave the living room.  If you’re not a real sports bar type, big game nights are excellent for branching out.  In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the places below:
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Giving Map

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Continuing with our “Good Samaritan” theme, I now provide you with a means by which you may become said Samaritan.  Behold: the WaPo giving map.  This handy application maps out charities in the DC area and sorts them by type.  The list includes everything from homeless shelters, to non-profits for the arts, to religious charities.  So, in the spirit of the season, take a look at the map and find a place in your area that you’re willing to give time or money to.  Make someone’s holiday better.

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Dance for Refugees

CityDance Ensemble. Photo credit: Paul Gordon Emerson.

CityDance Ensemble. Photo credit: Paul Gordon Emerson.

Tomorrow afternoon from 4-5:30pm, the U.S. Helsinki Commission will host a panel discussion on the plight of Iraqi refugees, the largest displacement in the Middle East since 1948. Free and open to the public at the Capitol Visitor Center’s Main Auditorium, the program will highlight the condition of approximately two million Iraqis straining the resources of their host countries.

As part of the event, CityDance Ensemble will perform Wishes of a Sailor, a piece inspired by their recent tour through the region where they visited Iraqi refugee communities in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

CityDance’s own Paul Gordon Emerson will participate in the panel along with U.S. Helsinki Commission chair Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD), Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL), and Dr. Michael Gabaudan of the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

The refugee situation is dangerous not just because of the human suffering involved, but the risks it presents to the region’s already delicate security. Be inspired by the dance, and learn more at the U.S. Helsinki Commission.

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National Public Lands Day 09/26

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Looking for something to do Saturday? How about volunteering at a local National Public Lands Day site.

Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of this event to preserve and protect America’s natural heritage.  Last year brought out more than 120,000 volunteers at over 1,800 locations to assist public land managers with hands-on projects.

You can find 6 events taking place in DC at various locations, like: Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens, Rock Creek Park, Kingman and Heritage Memorial Park, the Lincoln Memorial, President’s Park and National Mall & Memorial Parks.

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Half Way To St. Patty’s Day Celebration

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I’m guessing that even if you’re Irish, you probably didn’t realize that tomorrow is the halfway mark to 2010’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

If you’d like to celebrate this VERY special occasion, have a pint or you’re just looking for a good time, check out the St. Patrick’s Day Festival at Kelly’s Irish Times and the Dubliner tomorrow.  Festivities begin at 4pm and last until 12pm with drink specials, raffle prizes and live music.

Entry is $5 in advance, $7 if you’re sporting green and $10 if you just want in at the door, and can be bought through Lindy Promotions.

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9/12 Rally Crowd Estimates: Two Million?

(Picture 075 uploaded by DrrDot)

The Glenn Beck/FreedomWorks 9/12 DC Taxpayer Rally was on Saturday, with conservative Tea Party activists congregating in Washington to protest various things like healthcare reform, federal taxation, government deficit spending, and the President being a Stalinist Nazi Fascist Kenyan Hitler. They drew a healthy-sized crowd, by many accounts much larger than the 30,000 names registered online by FreedomWorks. DCFD estimates are said to be in the 50,000-70,000 range.

Given these numbers it seemed a bit unrealistic for a much-cited article from the right-wing Daily Mail to claim “up to two million.” This AP photo does show an impressive crowd gathered from the edge of the Capitol Lower Terrace to just west of East Capitol Circle/1st St NW/SW, filling up the entire Capitol lawn:

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Tourist Season Projected to Last for Next 25 Years

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Just when we thought tourist season was winding down, this week Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, is releasing his latest book The Lost Symbol, a fictional novel about Masonic symbolism in Washington, DC.

While Freemasonry is a fascinating part of DC’s history, Brown’s typical mention of imagined artifacts is expected to majorly increase traffic at the local historical sites that he describes in the book. Their names have not yet been released, but a few, like the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, can obviously see it coming. I wonder if he used the mini map of the city at Freedom Plaza? Continue reading

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Ethnic Food Survey: Greek

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‘Mykonos; Î�λληνική Ï�ημαία’
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Welcome to the first installment of the WLDC Ethnic Food Survey.  The idea here is not to provide you with an exhaustive list of your ethnic food options, but to give you a brief overview of what we feel are your best bets for any particular type of regional cuisine in the city.  Doubtless, there will be outrage from you at the glaring omissions in these articles, but we’ll do the best we can.

This time around, I’ll be giving you a tour of the wide world of Greek cooking. Greek food is widely available, albeit generally poorly executed.  You can get a mediocre gyro just about anywhere, but once you visit a proper, Greek establishment, your eyes will be opened to the awe that is Hellenic cuisine. Here are my favorites in DC:

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Video: Capitol Crowds Wave Goodbye to Sen. Kennedy

Here’s some shaky video of Sen. Edward Kennedy’s hearse and procession leaving the Capitol to go down Constitution Ave. to Arlington Cemetery. Hundreds of people lined the lawn and sidewalk, with Kennedy’s staff and colleagues on the Senate steps. As the hearse left the driveway a wave of cheering and applause swept through the crowd, with some waving a final goodbye.

There’s a Flickr group for shots of Kennedy’s funeral.

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