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Tourism: Dumbarton Oaks

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courtesy of ‘Amberture’

If you’re looking to escape from the Cherry Blossom hoards and find your own little piece of Washington DC for a few hours, the Dumbarton Oaks house, gardens and museum have your name on it.

In 1920, U.S. Foreign Service diplomat Robert Woods Bliss and his wife Mildred Barnes Bliss purchased a large portion of land and a 1801 Federal style house in the northern most section of Georgetown. The Blisses made significant architectural renovations and additions, such as the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection (DORCL) structure, which includes the 1963 Phillip Johnson designed Pre-Columbian Pavillion.  And more recently DORCL has welcomed a new library in 2005 and an extensive renovation of the house and museum was completed in 2008.

The museum houses, amongst other things, the significant art collection amassed by the the Blisses during their State Department life overseas.  This includes two fascinating collections of Byzantine and Pre-Columbian art and artifacts, as well as displays of tapestries, sculptures, paintings, and furniture dating from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries, which can be seen in the Music Room.  Continue reading

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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Happy Hour

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‘mmm…free goo…’
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If you missed last week’s Free Cone Day don’t fret, because the Ben & Jerry’s in Georgetown is throwing ice cream happy hours from 4-7pm. The happy hour special is 3 scoops for a mere $3.  That’s an uber steal considering scoops normally go for $2-3 a pop.  With the fantastic sunny and warm weather predicted for the next few days, let’s trade up our HH beers for some HH Cherry Garcia.

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Coming to DC, Hold Your Applause, It’s UGG!

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OK, yeah, UGGs may be a bit of an eyesore, but gosh darnit if they aren’t the most  comfortable and warm shoe ever! And fashion be damned (sorry fellow WLDC blogger Kelly Collis Frederick) because this year’s rash of snowstorms really made owning a pair uber practical. So love ’em or hate ’em, DC will be getting its very own UGG Flagship store.  According to the Georgetown Metropolitan, the shop will be taking up residency in the prime UGG territory of 1249 Wisconsin Avenue NW in Georgetown.

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Tourism: The Old Stone House

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‘Old Stone House NHS’
courtesy of ‘Ken Lund’

Nestled in along M Street, in the heart of Georgetown, you’ll stumble upon The Old Stone House, one of the oldest homes remaining in Washington, DC. Built in 1765, the house is maintained and operated by the National Park Service, and is part of the National Park System’s Rock Creek Park unit. Since it’s original construction, the house has traded hands many times and has been used as a shop for hats, tailors, locksmiths, clockmakers, house roofing remodeled by Bell Roofing Company, house painting, and even a used car dealership. Fortunately, the house was purchased by the Federal Government in 1953 for $90,000. At today’s market prices, the house and its garden are thought to be worth close to $6-7 million.

Constructed from local quarry stones and ballast stones from the English sailing vessels that journeyed up the Potomac, the house is a prime example of a typical 18th century dwelling that would have been inhabited by common Americans. Tours and lectures offered by Colonial period-dressed park rangers, highlight the lives of these early Americans and DCers. Continue reading

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C&O Canal Lock Broken Through, Flooding Feared

Photo by palkynebtab

As this morning’s photos and reports indicate, there is some serious flooding going on throughout the DC area.

In Georgetown, the C&O tow path has been closed and buildings and residencies that line the C&O Canal are in peril because an upstream lock has broken through. But according the National Park Service another lock remains in place to hold the water back. Should the second lock fail, then there is a potential for a flood surge along the banks of the historic canal.

Obviously, the main concern is for pedestrian and human safety, but in addition some commercial buildings, such as The Foundry Building, have already started taking flooding precautions by deploying sandbags to their lower level areas.

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Someone Doesn’t Like The New Parking Laws

parking sign in the C&O Canal

parking sign in the C&O Canal

Someone in Georgetown is clearly not a fan of the new parking regulations that took effect in January. And I have to admit the addition of Saturdays has been the bane of my existence, however instead of throwing signs into the historic C&O Canal, let your voice be heard by contacting Mayor Fenty, your Ward representative and/or your ANC with your complaints/comments/suggestions.

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Key Bridge Snow Removal

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‘M Street from Roof’
courtesy of ‘Julie Fraker’

If you’re wondering why there’s a ridiculous amount of traffic along M Street, it’s because the DCPD and DDOT are bulldozing the snow build up on Key Bridge.  When I passed about 10 minutes ago, the removal was only affecting the traffic heading towards Virginia, but I’m assuming they’ll tackle the east bound side later. No westbound traffic was being allowed to cross the bridge and all traffic was being directed towards Canal Road.

If you have an alternative route, I suggest you take it because the traffic looked horrendous.

<a href=’′ title=’M Street from Roof’><img src=’’ alt=’Photo courtesy of ‘Julie Fraker’/></a><br/><small><a href=’′>’M Street from Roof'</a></small><br/><small>courtesy of <a href=’’>’Julie Fraker'</a></small>
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Georgetown Shops Continue To Take A Beating

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‘Lotus #49’
courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

The shops lining M Street and Wisconsin Avenue have had a turbulent year. We’ve lost American Eagle, Commander Salamander, Up Against The Wall, FYE, Smith and Hawken, Nathan’s, etc. However, we have gained North Face, True Religion Jeans, Arisu, etc.  A full survey from late January of the closings and openings can be found at

Now comes word from Georgetown blogger Carol Joynt that more stores are closed or in peril. According the Joynt, Benneton has already shuttered, Sisley is soon to follow and the Aldo’s “remodeling” is suspect.

Continue reading

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Up Against The Wall Follows Commander Salamander

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‘Mystery man #1’
courtesy of ‘Ed Yourdon’

Exactly one week ago, I posted the sad news that long time Georgetown staple Commander Salamander would be shortly shutting its doors. The only glimmer of hope was that sister shop, Up Against The Wall, was still opened and right around the corner. Unfortunately, today’s posting by local DC-Georgetown blogger Carol Joynt, announces that Up Against The Wall will be closing as well.

No word yet on if this means the entire chain is going under.  I’m planning on swinging by the shop today and seeing if I can find out further details.

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Commander Salamander Closing

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courtesy of ‘Daquella manera’

Georgetown shop, Commander Salamander, which surprisingly has its very own definition in the urbandictionary, will be shutting it’s Wisconsin Avenue doors shortly. The shop known for it’s puny t-shirts, colorful trucks and gag gifts has long been a staple of the Georgetown shopping scene. No word yet on why the shop is closing, but fortunately, sister shop Up Against The Wall, with a location in the Georgetown Mall on M Street across from J. Paul’s, will remain open.

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Northface Store Robbed, Handgun Involved

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‘North Face Store, Georgetown’
courtesy of ‘InspirationDC’

Yesterday afternoon thieves entered The Northface Clothing Store on M Street in Georgetown, stole a large amount of merchandise and held the pursuing security officer at gunpoint before making their getaway.

At around 1:45pm, five suspects entered the store, removed a significant amount of merchandise, exited the store without paying and got into an awaiting dark colored, 4 door, Mercury Marquis parked on 36th and Prospect Streets. Then, according to Lieutenant John M. Hedgecock of the MPD, “The [Northface] security officer confronted the suspects within the vehicle. At this time, the driver of the vehicle pointed a silver handgun at the security officer and stated ‘back up’.” Fortunately, the  security guard, employees and passersby were not hurt during the incident. A description of the suspects is pending further MPD updates.

The theft is interesting considering October reports by My Fox DC and DCist that undercover MPD officers would be donning Northface apparel in an attempt to nab thieves. Wonder if the two are in any way connected. Continue reading

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Georgetown’s American Eagle Outfitters Shuts. Tweens Left with Plenty of Options

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‘urban adventurer’
courtesy of ‘philliefan99’

Over the holidays, the Georgetown strip lost another retail shop with American Eagle Outfitters shuttering its flip flop, tank top, bikini laded aisles for good.  Luckily for those AE diehards, there are plenty of other substitutes to be found close by, like Vineyard Vines, Abercrombie & Fitch, Rugby, Tommy Hilfinger, Patagonia, etc…..

Like most commercial areas, Georgetown is an ever evolving strip with shops and restaurants opening and closing year round. Unfortunately, during this economic downturn, there have been more departures and less arrivals, and according to there could be more casualties in the horizon.

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DC in Cookies

Courtesy of the Four Seasons Hotel

Courtesy of the Four Seasons Hotel

This week, the Four Seasons Hotel unveiled a gingerbread replica of the Smithsonian Castle. Talk about a sugar rush. To make this three-foot-high confection, Executive Pastry Chef Charles Froke used 100 pounds of gingerbread dough, 50 pounds of icing, 30 pounds of icing for snow, 20 pounds of sugar, and five pounds of chocolate. It will be on display at Seasons restaurant, open during breakfasts and weekend lunches and brunches.

To see the Mall and more in sweets, day or night, head to the lobby of the Marriott Wardman Park.

Or see a gingerbread version of the White House within its State Dining Room — you know, if you’re a random tourist or someone unmentionable.

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Social Safeway to seek LEED certification

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courtesy of ‘s2art’

DCmud reports that the currently under construction Georgetown Safeway (AKA the Social Safeway) will be seeking a LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

While this is truly great news, what’s not so great news for area residents is that the supposed nine month renovation that started in April will actually extend into May 2010.

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Ristorante Piccolo to Reopen in New Year

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courtesy of ‘David Paul Ohmer’

It’s been over a year since an early morning October 20th fire gutted Georgetown’s romantic, date night hot spot Ristorante Piccolo. Damages to the Italian restaurant were estimated at 1M, and the location has been out of service for the last 15 months, leaving carb and chunky tomato sauce lovers hungry.

However, according to a recently displayed banner on the restaurant;s door,  the eatery is scheduled to reopen in early 2010. No word yet on final opening date, or on what changes have/will take place to the menu, staff, or decor. Personally, after a one dining experience, I was a fan of the food and service, so hopefully the new edition will not depart too far from the original.

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Target To-Go Store In Georgetown

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‘Long live this landmark’
courtesy of ‘dno1967’

According to the Washington Business Journal, a Target To-Go Store will be operating in Georgetown (M St. NW and Wisconsin Ave. NW,) Dec. 11-13 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

These temporary shops feature 50 reasonably priced gifts such as toys, housing items and gadgets, plus pre-store launch items from the Rodarte clothing line.

DC, with New York and San Francisco, will be the only cities in the U.S. to have the temporary outlets.

Additionally, Target is scattering 500 gift tags throughout the city. Those who find them get a giftcard and Target will donate $100 to the Salvation Army for each found tag.

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Holiday Merriment In Georgetown Is Blowing Up

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‘Tall Toy Soldier’
courtesy of ‘M.V. Jantzen’

When I checked out the posters for this Sunday’s 2nd Merriment in Georgetown, the performance by kiddie rock band Milkshake, photos with Santa and the American Girl doll activities, gave this festivity a distinctly non-twenty/thirty something year old  vibe.

That was until this morning’s weekly Georgetown BID email, which enlightened me to the Merriment’s awesome dining and shopping discounts AND a flurry of pre/post-events in Georgetown hood. Continue reading

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Scrum-a-licious Shopping Spree

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‘Rugby Shirts’
courtesy of ‘Joe Shlabotnik’

The head prepsters at Rugby, the Ralph Lauren clothing brand with a shop/restaurant in Georgetown, are having a little Holiday Wardrobe give away.

In exchange for some of your info, you can enter to win the grand prize, a $2000 gift card, to purchase whatever you want from their classic and signature pieces. The bonus is that your purchases can be for anyone you’re shopping for-mom, dad, grandma, the bf, etc. The runner-up receives a $1000 card, not too shabby, and for third place, a $500 card, not too shabby as well.

So start the lineout, get your pack in order and go for the try.

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It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Almost Here!

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‘Twilight candy’
courtesy of ‘Joe in DC’

I didn’t see the 2008 blockbuster Twilight in the theater. In fact, like many non-tweens, I pretty much missed all the hype/hubbub surrounding its release. I figured it was one of those Miley Cyrus/Hanana Montana movies, and lord knows I’d never go anywhere near that crap. But then one wintry Saturday night, when I had had a little too much to drink the night before, and my roommates were headed out for the evening, and I’d have the place all to myself I ordered it On Demand and, to my embarrassment, got hooked. To redeem myself a bit, I’ll note that all I did was watch the film (albeit 2-3 times), but I have not purchased any of the books or paraphernalia.

However, I will be seeing the sequel New Moon in theaters this Friday. Yes, I’m actually willing to pay the $12, so I’m expecting an angst-filled, action-packed, highly entertaining movie that will leave me dying to see the next film Eclipse.

Like most blockbusters, local theaters are showing the new movie from The Twilight Saga starting at 12:01am Friday morning (Thursday night), of note is AMC’s Georgetown Theater which will show the movie in all of it 6 theaters.  At least, I’m not SO desperate to see it that I’ll lose hours of my precious sleep.

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Where We Live: Georgetown

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courtesy of ‘NCinDC’

Hi, and welcome to another edition of Where We Live.  This week, we’ll be looking at a DC neighborhood that is older than DC– Georgetown!  Home to beautiful architecture, a thriving commercial district, and a major university, Georgetown probably draws more out-of-towners than any other DC neighborhood (except maybe Adams Morgan on Saturday nights).  Read on to find out what real Georgetown residents think of their neighborhood.

History: Lots of history to cover here.  Way back in 1632, an English fur trader documented a Native American settlement called Tohoga where Georgetown currently is, and he established trade there.  Fast forward to 1751 when the town was incorporated as part of Maryland (interestingly enough, it’s not named after George Washington as I had erroneously assumed– it’s either named after King George II or its founders, George Gordon and George Beall).  Because of its geographic location as the furthest point up on the Potomac River that boats could reach, it became a big port, and warehouses and buildings grew around the tobacco trade (and sadly, the slave trade too).

When Congress created the District of Columbia in 1791, Georgetown was included in the outline of the 10-mile square.  Georgetown continued to grow, with Georgetown University founded in 1789, and much of the area developed with commercial buildings near the water and residential buildings further north on higher ground.  Georgetown retained its identity for quite a while– that is, until its town charter was revoked in 1871, and when it was finally ordered in 1880 to conform with DC’s street naming structure.

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