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Three-fifths of the budget gone… anyone tell the snow?

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‘Plowing Snow in Petworth’
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At the end of this WTOP article about the District using inmates on work release to clear snow there’s a rather disturbing fact mentioned:

The District spent $4 million of its $6.2 million snow removal budget cleaning up after the storm.

That’s some serious scratch and 60% of the budget – gone on a storm that happened before the official start of winter. With the Capital Weather Gang thinking we’re going to see more snowfall than average this year where will that leave the District financially?

We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends, January 1-3

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Happy New Year, everyone. We hope you have plans for a fantastic start to 2010. If you need some ideas, here’s what we’re up to this weekend.

Max: I’m headed to NYC this weekend for the first time in over two years.  I seriously can’t wait to experience the chaos that is the Big Apple.  If I were staying in DC though, I’d go check out the Yinka Shonibare exhibit at the National Museum of African Art.  I’ve heard it’s amazing.  I’d also think about going to see Avatar 3D again because it was that freakin’ awesome.  Given that it’s supposed to be cold as (fill in the blank) this weekend, I’d spend the rest of my weekend indoors with a nice mug of Irish coffee and a good book. Continue reading

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Guess Metro’s 1/1 Ridership, Win $25 SmarTrip

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You can win a $25 SmarTrip card from Metro by guessing their New Year’s Day ridership number as closely as possible without going over. Enter online, providing a valid email address (so they can contact you if you win). The deadline to enter is “midnight New Year’s Day,” which I’m guessing in this case actually means 12:00 AM January 2nd, but maybe you want to enter early just in case. The winner will be notified by January 8th.

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Hampton Roads Just Says No to Skins/Chargers

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Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach should be a no-brainer Redskins market, right? I mean, who else would you cheer for? Well, this weekend they pulled the Redskins game off the air so that WVBT could show the Dallas/Philly game that has actual consequences for the playoff picture. That’s just how bad the Redskins are this year. The sports director at WVBT said the Skins were “unwatchable,” and that emails after he read the decision on the air on Tuesday night were running 30:1 in favor of the Cowboys/Eagles game.

Yowch. Sorry Skins.

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Population On The Rise

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Good news! The DC population is at its highest in over 20 years … and it’s still growing!

The city’s population set to break 600,000 in 2010. How do we know that? The Census Bureau had a head count of 599,657 residents as of July 1 which means DC is on pace to pass the 1991 count at 601,000.

WaPo says that this surge in residency pertains to the recent recession and housing market crisis but I think that’s too easy of an answer. The real reason people are sticking around is simple — DC is hiring.

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2009, A Glass Half Full

Glass Half Full

"Glass Half Full" by Jenn Larsen on Flickr

When I inaugurated the We Love Drinks feature back in September 2008, I really didn’t give it much thought to start with, honestly. We founding writers were tossing around feature ideas, and I said, “hey, what about drinks? I go out a fair amount.” That simple. It began mostly with bar reviews, with some coffee and tea thrown in for good measure.

But that slowly started to change when I realized there were people passionate about drinks culture in the city – not just nightlife and where to go to get wasted (not that I was writing about that! those days are over, darlings, good-bye jello shots!). It was a humbling experience to discover what a neophyte I was – when I got caught in the crossfire of a discussion on how to make your own bitters, for example, or the first time someone asked me whether I preferred green or yellow Chartreuse. Certainly the vast world of wine was still a mystery despite the wine bar explosion, and don’t even get me started about my beer ineptitude.

So why I am admitting this to you? Because these days I’m all about humility. I may be opinionated, but I’m still eager to learn and am constantly excited about the many different possibilities in our city of drinks. Respect for the taste and the balance of a proper cocktail, diving into the vast world of wine and beer, and most importantly understanding your own tolerance – that’s been my experience in 2009. Here are a few key moments that helped me on this continuing journey. Continue reading

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Truth or Panda? Real World Suddenly Watchable

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‘MTV’s “Real World” House in DC for 2010′
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Hey, you! Admit it. Just admit it. Your wildest dreams came true at precisely 10:00pm Wednesday night. That’s when MTV aired the world premiere of Real World DC. The District, The USA and the whole freaking world became a better place to live when those 8 strangers got their TV debut and showed the world what the real DC is really all about. But instead of ranting about their intelligence, likability and downright sincerity, I’m here to tell you why the premiere absolutely rocked. It rocked because We Love DC has the best readers on earth and they joined us for a live blogging chat session to discuss the going-ons of the incredibly entertaining first episode, the always beloved after-show and, perhaps the BEST part, the amazing MTV show previews and tasteful commercials (Trojan makes what?).

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RWDC Drinking Game

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Currently, my cohorts and I are live blogging the Real World and have come to the unanimous conclusion that this season will be impossible to get through sans alcohol.  So, dear readers, it has fallen to me to create a drinking game.  Unfortunately, in the course of watching the Real World, my mind imploded, so I need your help in devising said game.  What are your suggestions?

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Area Stores Help You Avoid the Bag Tax

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‘If Poop Grew On Trees’
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The bag tax is going into effect on Friday, and you’ll be paying 5 cents for every disposable bag you use. But to take the sting out of the tax while still getting shoppers to use reusable bags (which is the point of all this anyway), several stores are partnering with the city government to make reusable bags freely available for a limited time to their customers.

At DC Giant locations, baggers will be putting customers’ purchases into reusable bags for free this Friday for a week starting this Friday, up to a quarter million bags (thanks for the correction from Giant’s PR people!). Harris Teeter locations will be giving away bags to VIC card users who spend at least $20. Safeway will be giving away reusable bags through local non-profits, while CVS will be giving them away at their locations (though Wells’ office doesn’t specify for how long). Target, on the other hand, will be providing a 5 cent discount (in addition to the 5 cent bag tax you avoid paying) for every reusable bag you provide.

Personally, I’m not a great rememberer-of-reusable-bags, but when I use them, I always ask myself why I haven’t developed better habits about it. Aside from any environmental or cost concerns, I can fit a lot more groceries in my one Kiva foldable bag (hell yeah that’s an affiliate link), and the sturdy straps on a reusable bag make it a lot easier to carry a heavy order home.

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Meta: Your Photos on We Love DC

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‘Self-portrait #214′
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Here at We Love DC, we post about 100 photos per week on our site. Some are press-kit images, some are taken by the authors specifically for their articles, but the vast majority of them are contributed by local photographers. We’ve been asked a few times by our readers how one might go about getting their photos on We Love DC. One word: Bribery. (Kidding!) It seems to me that explaining a bit about how our photos get chosen helps everyone, so here are some tips. Continue reading

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The Five Best Concerts In And Around DC For 2009

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One of the things that I am most excited about my return to blogging is that I have the opportunity to continue my year-end tradition of recapping the best concerts that I saw in and around the DC area.

For the uninitiated, this is a list of the best performances by musical acts that I saw in 2009 in the DC area. The list is based on individual sets rather than total concert line-ups. I consider any concert that I can drive to and back from in one night to fall within my radius of coverage. I’m keeping the list to 5 shows from now on because I catch great concerts all over the country and think I should only list the local cream of the crop. In other words, these are five DC area shows that can hang with the best shows in the country.
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Three Caps on Russian Olympic Squad

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‘Semin Reaches’
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This kinda slipped under my hockey radar (sorry, been focused on the Winter Classic in two days), but better late than never, right? Three prominent Capitals players were announced to the Russian 2010 Olympic hockey squad on Christmas Day: Alexander Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, and Semyon Varlamov.

I know, not a huge surprise, these guys. They’ll be joined by several other NHL and KHL stars, including former Caps players Sergei Fedorov (now with Metallurg Magnitogorsk) and Viktor Kozlov (with Salavat Ufa).

It’s an interesting roster, with 9 players on the 23-man squad coming from Russia’s own Kontinental Hockey League. One wonders if the Russians are playing a bit of sports politics by trying to puff up the KHL, rather than build the best team possible. (Keep in mind, however, that the final-final roster won’t be announced until February 15.)

Still, it’s a team with massive firepower and will be highly entertaining to watch. Just like Caps hockey…

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A trend number we’re happy to see decline

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‘Ukin puukko’
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D.C.’s homicide numbers, in a trend that mirrors the rest of the nation, are on track to hit a 45 year low, the Washington Times reports. It’s certainly a surprising thing to hear after a year of news about small children shot through a door, but we’ve only logged 132 homicides compared to last year’s 184. So even if an ugly few days pushes it even farther from 1964′s 132 it still represents a notable improvement.

As the article mentions ever so briefly, this is a nationwide trend of decreasing violent crime that, despite what you hear in the media, has been going on a long time. I heard an interesting interview on the Kojo show the other day with Paul Butler, a professor of law at George Washington University. Butler was hawking his book, Let’s Get Free: A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice, but he made an interesting assertion near the end of the interview – that the decline in violent crime was tied directly to decreases of lead in our environment.

Given the difficulty DC’s water authority has had over the years with lead in the water this is a particularly relevant assertion for us.

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2009′s Drool-Worthy Flickr Food Porn

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‘Southern Belle (160/365) (005/365)’
courtesy of ‘kimberlyfaye’

Our flickr contributors are excellent food photographers. And being the author on staff who writes about food the most, I’ve trolled through our mouth-watering photos often enough to have personal favorites. So here are the tastiest food photos of 2009. (Ah, um, I’d STRONGLY advise you to have a snack in hand before you click through…) Continue reading

Comedy in DC

Comedy in DC, on CD

Today we’re going to talk about DC comics whose work you can purchase, to listen to in the privacy of your own home. Why? Two reasons:

1. The holidays cause a lull when there aren’t that many shows, but I’ve still got a regularly-scheduled column to write, and:

2. Hampton is going to record a CD on Thursday, January 14 at the Comedy Spot in Ballston, and you should all go. When comedians record a CD, they aren’t trying out any new material that hasn’t been polished yet, or screwing around to entertain the other comedians in the room, they’re actually trying to get their best stuff recorded as a way to further their careers. So you should check this out.

So that made me think, “Which other local comics have CDs you should check out?”   Continue reading

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Tai Shan Does Cute Things

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‘Tai Shan Turns 4 ~ Look @ That Face’
courtesy of ‘Daniel.Techie {TCP/IP} @′

I know, this is news to no one, that Tai Shan is the cutest little Butterstick the world has ever seen. However, thanks to his American training, he can even do cute things while asleep: A British tourist caught him doing a somersault in his sleep. That’s right, our panda is so awesome he does gymnastics in his sleep. The sad thing is, the Chinese are taking him back from us soon, so you’d better head out to the Zoo ASAP. Well, that is, unless we’re smart and we take the Panda hostage…

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Redskins’ Orakpo Named to All-Pro Team

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‘Brian Orakpo being interviewed’
courtesy of ‘Chris Doelle’

Congratulations to the Skins’ Outside Linebacker Brian Orakpo, who was named to the Pro Bowl 2010 Team today. He’ll be headed to Hawaii Miami for the only Postseason action any of the Redskins see this year (unless you count Shaun Suisham going with the Cowboys…) in the Pro Bowl. Orakpo’s 11 sacks share the team lead, and he remains the one good thing that Vinnie Cerrato did, so I suppose that’s something to be comforted by, Skins fans.

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New Years Eve’s Blue Moon

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‘The Moon on November 27, 2009′
courtesy of ’37Hz’

It appears we have a special treat in-store for us at the close of this decade. There will be a “blue moon” on New Years Eve — which hasn’t happened in the District for 19 years.

Despite popular belief, a blue moon has nothing to do with color. A blue moon is the second full moon in a given month — which when you think about it … really isn’t THAT special. But there’s nothing like looking up at a full moon on the eve of a new decade to get you dreaming about what the future might hold!

NASA Solar System Ambassador Greg Redfern also told WTOP that there’s a chance for another celestial treat this New Years Eve due to a weather front. There’s a possibility for lunar rainbows because, “In a full moon,” he said, ““if there happens to be some source of water in the air [...] lunar rainbows recorded.”

The next blue moon won’t fly in the sky until August 2012, so I suggest going light on the champagne during the early evening hours so you don’t miss out on this piece of celestial eye-candy.

What a Blue Moon REALLY Means, compliments of Tom Bridge.

We Green DC

Giving Year-End Green to Green DC

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‘Frozen Potomac’
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As you pour the eggnog, make your resolutions and break out the noisemakers for New Year’s Eve, remember that donating to a charity before the clock strikes 12 can save you some money this spring in taxes. And of course make the world a better place.

Oh, right! Now, where to spend that hard-earned cash? Earlier this month, Tiffany did a great wrapup of several area charities worthy of holiday gifts. She covered charities that help with food, shelter and basic needs; animals; and youth and education. Give that list a whirl and, if you’d like to give your greenbacks to local organizations that green DC, check out these as well.

This, too, is far from a comprehensive list, so please add others that you like best in the comments. For more info, Charity Navigator and GuideStar can give you more information about nonprofits and their finances.

Clean Rivers

Potomac Conservancy protects the Potomac River by protecting the surrounding land by, for example, planting trees or establishing conservation easements. It also encourages policies that reduce stormwater pollution, save forests and the C&O Canal, and offers community conservation projects where you can collect seeds or plant trees. The group also monitors and reports on the river’s health, most recently on the river’s abundance of egg-bearing male fish, and holds fun events at its River Center at Lockhouse 8 such as music and canoe trips.
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